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The Immune Boosting Power of Weight Loss and Detox

The Immune Boosting Power of Weight Loss and Detox

By James Templeton

If you are overweight, even if you have a healthy diet and exercise, your immune system is impaired. We know from studies that have been done, that overweight and obese people are more likely to develop bacterial and viral infections, and more frequently die from these infections when they develop. Wounds don’t heal as well, and colds and flus more commonly turn into more serious infections like pneumonia.

Researchers are still scratching their heads as to why this is, but we know it’s the actual weight that is causing the problem. What the researchers have yet to look at is the impact detoxification has on your weight, your immune system, and your body as a whole. I believe detox is the key to solving this mystery and making your healthy diet and exercise program work to turn your health and weight loss around.

Detox Is Key for Weight Loss

Being overweight is more than just a sign your diet isn’t healthy for you, it’s also a clue that you’ve been exposed to more toxins than your body can process and get rid of. Fat is like a sponge; it absorbs all the toxins your body can’t process and eliminate fast enough and stores them for you. Once your fat cells soak up these toxins, they swell to dilute them in an effort to make them less toxic.

This swelling of your fat cells is also known as “water weight.” This is why, when you try a “lose weight quick” scheme that doesn’t include detox, you feel worse – even flu-like – when the initial water weight comes off. Your body worked hard to dilute all that toxic matter and once the water is gone you experience the toxins full force.

One of the reasons it can be so hard to lose weight is because your body isn’t able to move the toxins out, because your organs also need to detoxify. Your body won’t let go of that fat unless it knows the toxins that will be released have an open route for elimination. A toxic body is more prone to disease.

Constipation Is No Joke

Constipation is a good example of this. If your bowels aren’t moving after every meal you eat, then you are constipated, and toxic waste just sits in your colon, waiting to be eliminated. But your body is so efficient, it will recycle everything even a little bit useful. There’s bile in that waste, and bile is precious to your body. Bile is made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder, and one of its main jobs is to carry toxins out from the fat into the bowel to be eliminated.

With constipation, that thick, toxic bile is just sitting there, and your body doesn’t want it to go to waste, so it recycles it. Bile and its toxins are then sent back to the liver for another round of fat breakdown and detox. But this time, it’s thicker, moves slower, and already has toxins bound to it. So it’s less efficient this time, and congested. Once you have congestion in an organ as important for detox as the liver, toxins aren’t going to be processed and they’re going to back up. So, your fat cells come to the rescue and store those toxins to take some pressure off the liver. And if you don’t have enough fat cells for all the toxins, you’ll make more.

Did you know if you get constipated often, you can have a low grade fever and flu-like symptoms from it? Having toxins sitting in your colon waiting to be eliminated is a stress to your immune system. Also, any bacteria or viruses or other bugs that are sitting in there waiting to be eliminated, start to grow, causing a low grade infection and fever.

Isn’t it amazing something as common as constipation can lead to weight gain and impaired immune system functioning? If you are dealing with constipation, even if it’s not every day, I strongly encourage you to get on our Super-GI Cleanse and get cleaned out, to set you up for weight loss and a healthier immune response. If you are chronically constipated, I would also add our Bile Builder to cleanse that bile and help with fat metabolism.

Beat the Sugar Blues

Diets that are high in sugar and have too many carbohydrates make you more prone to infection. These diets raise your blood sugar, and ultimately your insulin levels. This causes oxidative damage, which is when you have more free radicals than your body is able to detoxify. This type of damage from reactive oxygen molecules increases your risk of infection.

While the obvious solution to this problem is to cut the carbs and sugar, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. This is the time of year social eating is taking center stage. I love a good holiday meal, and I have learned to make healthy choices from the variety of foods that are available. But this can be tough to do with the social pressure from family and friends.

When you are overweight, with your immune system impaired, it’s very easy for the Candida fungus to overgrow. Candida feeds on sugar. When you decrease the sugar and carbs in your diet, often your sugar cravings go through the roof. This is because the Candida is starting to die off, and sends out chemical signals which cause you to crave sugar so intensely.

My solution for these issues is to take Y-C Cleanse along with a good probiotic during the holidays. This is a gentle yet effective cleanse to reduce or eliminate Candida from your system, and help you with sugar cravings. If you’ve overcome Candida and decide to indulge in more carbs, Y-C Cleanse can be used to keep Candida from taking root again. It’s also important to keep from being constipated during this time. As Candida yeast dies off, it can constipate you just from the sheer volume of it. Keep things moving with Magnesium or Vitamin C to bowel tolerance, and it will help clear that Candida out. We hope this article gave you useful information regarding weight loss and detox.

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