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Meet Our Founder

30 year cancer survivor and health advocate James Templeton

Founding UNI KEY Health

Founding UNI KEY Health

In 1992, James Templeton founded Uni Key Health Systems — which stands for 'universal key to health.' He is a firm believer that the real key to vibrant health is uncovering and correcting the root cause of dysfunction.

James' Mission

James Templeton's mission is fueled by his own personal journey back to health from a diagnosis of Stage IV melanoma - a virtual death sentence - over 30 years ago. Given a second chance at life, he has since dedicated his life to making a difference in the quality of people's health.

James' goal is to create and make available to others the finest products and testing modalities that target the underlying causes of the most prevalent 21st century health challenges.

Based upon his own research, life experience, and proprietary bio-energetic testing, James carefully formulates, tests, and takes almost each and every one of UNI KEY's products before offering it to the public. This assures the consumer of the highest quality and one of the best product lines on the market.

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