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James Talks: Cruise to Lose

James Talks: Cruise to Lose

I just got back from a beautiful Alaskan cruise. I hadn’t been on a cruise since the Fat Flush Cruise in 2009. Ann Louise Gittleman would host these great cruises full of people working to get healthy and lose weight, and I really enjoyed them. We had contests to see who could lose the most weight that week, and people routinely lost 10 pounds or more. I was really inspired by some of the people I met on those cruises. Let me tell you, this Alaskan cruise was a different experience altogether.

Culture Shock

What really made an impression on me during this cruise was how unhealthy a lot of the passengers were. The cruise director made jokes about how the average passenger gains a pound a day on their trip. That got me looking around, and I’ve never seen so many obese people as I did on that boat. I realize it’s a vacation and we all like to indulge a little, myself included. But, it seemed like everyone was eating all the time, with a few desserts at each meal, plus pizza and ice cream in-between meals. What I don’t understand is who wants to go on vacation and gain weight then go home and feel miserable?

It made me curious, so I made a point to really watch what all these people were doing for their health. I’d say over half of the people on the ship were in their fifties or older and they ate more food than I’ve ever seen before. I’m in my sixties, too, and I understand how much health issues change as we age. We can’t afford to sit around and gorge ourselves on too much food and alcohol without it catching up with us.

On the first day, I walked down the hall and noticed there was a crowd, so I went to see what it was all about. Turns out they were all just waiting for the elevator, because no one wanted to take the steps. I was able to walk up several flights of steps before many of them even got their turn on the elevator. I took a walk through the gym and the few people who were in there were young and already in shape. It’s so important to stay moving and keep our mobility. We spend so much time sitting – at home, in our cars, at our desks at work. We don’t have to pump iron, we just need to walk and get moving.

I’d sit and eat with people I didn’t know and all they’d talk about were their doctors and their health problems. Full-blown diabetics sat in front of me eating multiple desserts – really gorging themselves – while they told me about all the problems they had from their blood sugar not being controlled. I didn’t see anyone taking digestive enzymes or HCl supplements with their meals to help them digest all that food. I asked a server if she’d noticed anyone besides me taking supplements with their meals and she hadn’t.

Health Doesn’t Take A Vacation

When you go on vacation you have to find ways to have fun that don’t compromise your health. Decide to move more so you can burn it off when you do indulge. Keep a healthy balance. I actually lost a few pounds on this trip from all the walking I did, even though I ate a few foods I don’t normally eat at home. There were probably a dozen floors on that cruise ship and sometimes I walked 8-10 flights of stairs at a time, with my heart racing and my legs burning by the time I reached the top. Did you know 15 minutes of stair climbing has the same health benefits as 30 minutes of running?

If you’re feeling sluggish in the afternoons, instead of taking a nap try taking a walk. I find I’ll come back to life if I just get moving. Also, don’t underestimate what a good multivitamin can do for you. Your energy could be low from a mild vitamin or mineral deficiency. Stress depletes more than just vitamins and minerals, it can affect your adrenal glands if it goes unchecked for too long. A good adrenal formula might be the boost you need to carry you through that afternoon slump.

I’ve had too many of my friends and family getting sick and dying of diseases that can be treated or prevented with a healthy lifestyle. Don’t be a walking time bomb or a doctor’s Christmas present. Keep one foot on the path to health all the time. Ask for more vegetables, watch the fruit, bread and desserts, and keep moving. Drink water with lemon or the Fat Flush cranberry water to wake up your metabolism. Avoid sugary drinks and too much alcohol. If you move a lot you can eat more and your body will burn it – your metabolism will increase.

Challenge yourself and set goals to stay healthy and keep focused on your healing, even while you’re on vacation. I made the goal to never ride an elevator on the cruise, and it paid off with weight loss and plenty of energy as the rewards.

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