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Your Fat Flush Road Map

Your Fat Flush Road Map

Confused about which Fat Flush weight loss and detox plan is right for you? Whether your goal is 5 pounds or more than 50 pounds, there is a plan just right for you. Once you understand how to tailor the plan to your personal needs, fitting into that little black dress becomes a goal you can reach and not just a dream.

Weight Loss Roadblocks

Before we get into the plans, let’s first go over why diets fail and how you can avoid these roadblocks.

Roadblock #1: Not Enough Calories

When you have a higher metabolism, more weight, or are fighting illness, your body has a greater need for nutrient dense calories. Some diets go so low in calories your body goes into a type of starvation mode, and holds on to every calorie it gets. In this situation, you need to increase your calories to start burning fat and losing weight.

Roadblock #2: Too Many Calories

One plan does not fit all. If you are a small-framed person or have a more sluggish metabolism, your calorie needs are smaller than some plans allow for. While counting calories isn’t the goal when it comes to a good diet, it’s a good idea for you to keep this in mind when choosing a plan.

Roadblock #3: Food Sensitivities

Sometimes weight loss stalls when you’re eating foods that trigger inflammation in your body. If you aren’t aware of these sensitivities, then a process of elimination is needed to find the offenders and remodel the diet to suit your body’s individual needs.

Roadblock #4: The Diet Rollercoaster

If you tend to binge eat, go on and off diets regularly, or eat foods off your plan regularly, it’s difficult to lose the weight. This diet rollercoaster leads to a stalled metabolism and limits your results. Consistency is the key here to reset your metabolism for a healthy weight loss.

Roadblock #5: Diet Without Detox

Your fat cells store the toxins your sluggish liver and colon are unable to process and eliminate from the body. Without detox, these toxins have no place to go and your weight won’t budge. You should feel healthier as you lose weight. If not, this is a sign you’re not eliminating the circulating toxins and you need to detox.

Roadblock #6: Diseases That Slow Metabolism

If you have diabetes, thyroid disease, or adrenal fatigue, your metabolism is more sluggish and weight loss will take more time. These disease states require more nourishing foods that are nutrient dense. This is when slow and steady wins the race, and listening to your body’s needs is important. Other causes of sluggish metabolism include over-exercising and some prescription medications. Keep your exercise light to moderate and consult your doctor if medications are holding back your progress.

Roadblock #7: Hormone Havoc

The changes in hormones over monthly cycles and life cycles lead to changes in the ability to lose weight. There are times of the month and times in life when it’s more challenging to lose weight. When hormones are deficient, the fat cells step in and manufacture those needed hormones, so the body won’t give up that extra weight until the hormones are balanced again. Some hormone changes also cause bloating, which looks like weight gain but is usually only temporary. If your weight loss is stalled, consider saliva hormone testing to check your levels. Then read Before the Change by Ann Louise Gittleman to get your hormones back on track.

Roadblock #8: Getting Discouraged

It can really get you down to not see the progress you are trying so hard to achieve. When you have unknown roadblocks standing in your way, even the process of finding them seems too hard, especially when others are having the success you want so much. Don’t give up! It’s important to measure success in inches lost, pounds lost, and how closely you’re following the program. It helps to have a good understanding of the program you’re doing. Sometimes the program is preparing your body to lose weight and sometimes you only lose bloat (water weight). Read the success stories of people similar to you and pattern yourself after them. Stay focused and stay the course. Join groups like the Fat Flush Nation on Facebook to get the support of others who are on the same path to health as you are.

Find Your Fat Flush

There are 4 main options for your Fat Flush: the Fat Flush Soup Diet, the Smoothie Shakedown, the 3-Day Detox, and the New Fat Flush Plan. Regardless of which plan you follow, you are welcome to call us at UNI KEY for help, or join us in the Fat Flush Nation group on Facebook for support. Here’s a breakdown of each Fat Flush weight loss and detox plan and what goals you’re likely to achieve using them:

The Fat Flush Soup Diet

  • For a Quick Weight Loss of 10 pounds or Less

If you like a one recipe, fix-it-and-forget-it diet, this soup is an extremely popular and effective standalone diet for quick weight loss and detox. It’s actually been so popular it’s been copied several times. Unlike the copycats, this soup is based on research done by Ann Louise Gittleman and has been clinically tested. And while it isn’t part of any other program, once you finish the soup program, you can transition into the New Fat Flush Plan or Fat Flush for Life to continue or maintain your weight loss.

You can find the original recipe soup diet here.

How Long: 1-2 weeks

Weight Loss: Up to 10 pounds per week

Next Step: Use this as a jumpstart into the New Fat Flush Plan if you have more weight to lose, or Fat Flush for Life if you have met your goal.

Smoothie ShakedownSmoothie Shakedown

  • For Fast Weight Loss of Up to 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks

If your hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow for a lot of meal prep, then the Smoothie Shakedown is the plan for you! This accelerated 2-week plan features 2 super-charged smoothies and 1 satisfying Fat Flush friendly meal daily, plus all the snacks you need to keep you going. This independent program is also a good jumpstart into the New Fat Flush Plan for more weight loss or the Fat Flush for Life once your weight loss goal is met.

Everything you need for this program is included in this bundle. Get the full Smoothie Shakedown plan details here.

How Long: 2-4 weeks

Weight Loss: Up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks

Next Step: Use as a springboard into the New Fat Flush Plan for more weight loss and detox or maintain your new figure with the Fat Flush for Life.

The 3-Day Fat Flush Detox

  • Tune Up Your Metabolism and Lose Up to 5 Pounds

If you’ve never done a diet for weight loss, are transitioning from another diet, have plateaued in your weight loss efforts, or need to get back on the weight loss wagon after a break, this is the plan for you. As part of the New Fat Flush Plan, this program is the kickstarter for your detox and fires up your metabolism. Once you’ve got the ball rolling, moving forward into the New Fat Flush Plan is an easy transition for your long-term weight loss goals.

There are many 3-Day Detox Diets out there, and this one is only found in the New Fat Flush Plan book.

How Long: 3 days

Weight Loss: Up to 5 pounds

Next Step: The New Fat Flush Plan

The New Fat Flush Plan

  • For Long Term Weight Loss from 5 Pounds to more than 50 Pounds

When you need a lifestyle makeover to get healthy, stay healthy, and achieve your weight loss goals, come to the New Fat Flush Plan. This bestselling plan has worked for countless people looking to get healthy and reach their goal weight. This plan has been revised and upgraded from the original Fat Flush to include the 3-Day Tune-Up for faster cleansing and updated food choices that are Paleo, Keto and Vegan-friendly. This comprehensive plan has 3 main phases:

Phase One is a quick, 2-week detox. The goal is to detox your liver and colon to get ready to process and eliminate fat more quickly.

Phase Two is the metabolic reset for long-term weight loss, where you stay until you reach your goal weight.

Phase Three is the maintenance for a healthy life. This phase is full of foods that will keep you satisfied and makes it easy to maintain your new figure and healthy weight for your lifetime.

Everything you need is included in the New Fat Flush Plan book.

How Long: From 3 days to a Lifetime

Weight Loss: From 5 Pounds to More than 50 Pounds

Next Step: You can stay on Phase 3 or Fat Flush for Life

Resources to Get Started

  • Starting the Soup diet, 3-Day or New Fat Flush Plan? Visit for information, recipes, support, and more.
  • Starting Smoothie Shakedown? Visit for plan details, recipes, support, and more.
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