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Balance Cell pH and Fix Your Fatigue

Balance Cell pH and Fix Your Fatigue

By James Templeton

Today I’m going to share with you my secret for living a long life and boosting energy and vitality. My mentor and teacher, Dr. Hazel Parcells lived a vibrant life until she died at 106 years old. I really looked up to her, she taught me how to formulate products and how to live long and healthy like she did.

The secret is balancing your cell pH. Read on to find out how to fix your fatigue and balance your cell pH!

The Key to a Long, Healthy Life

Everything you eat, drink and think affects your cells and their pH. This isn’t the same as blood or biochemical pH, which we measure using blood tests or pH strips in saliva or urine. Your cell pH is the environment inside your cells that is a measure of vitality, or your life force. Cells need to be slightly acidic for optimal health. As we age, we get more alkaline on a cell level. The longer you stay alkaline, the more the pH on the blood cell level increases and you get more and more tired and lose vitality.

The cells and their energy are universal keys to health. When you have a balanced pH on the cell level, you fool the body into thinking it’s young again. This is the key to longevity. Dr. Parcells believed that balancing your cellular pH on a daily basis would keep away all forms of disease in your lifetime, and told me it was essential to keep my cancer from returning.

The Telltale Sign Your Cell pH is Out of Whack

How many times have you gone out for what you think is a healthy lunch, only to get back to the office and feel the overwhelming urge to take a nap? Or maybe you’re driving on a road trip and have to pull out all the stops like singing at the top of your lungs, sticking your head out the window, or drinking a big cup of coffee just to stay awake. And it’s just considered par for the course when we are more tired as we get older.

These things aren’t normal. This fatigue is the sign of an alkaline cell pH. We shouldn’t be any more tired now than we were as children. Whether we’re eating, aging or doing something monotonous like driving, we should have enough energy to do whatever we’d like.

We use your energy level as a gage for cell pH. When you feel that fatigue where you just have to take a nap, or worse – when it’s full-blown Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and you’re exhausted all the time, then your pH is alkaline and needs to be corrected to restore your energy levels.

Fix Your Fatigue

As soon as this lethargic feeling hits me, I do one of these 3 things to bring balance back to my cell pH, to where I’ll have energy and vitality again. It only takes about 30 minutes before I feel my energy coming back.

  1. Drink unpasteurized, good quality Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) like Braggs in some water. You can use 2 teaspoons in 8 ounces of water.
  2. Drink the cran water from Ann Louise Gittleman’s Fat Flush plan. Use 1 ounce of unsweetened cranberry juice to 7 ounces of water. This not only corrects cellular pH but also boosts your metabolism.
  3. My personal favorite is to use unpasteurized, unheated sauerkraut. I like Bubbie’s brand and have been using it for years. You can eat ½ cup to start with but you can go up to a full cup if you’d like. This also helps balance your intestinal flora and increase probiotics, the healthy bacteria.

Start by using these methods when you feel tired, then increase to 2-3 times every day, but more isn’t better; it’s a delicate balance. If you have severe fatigue or other health issues going on, it takes time to rebalance the cell pH. If you keep at it you should notice a difference in 2-3 months.

If you’re dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, our Adrenal Formula can also give you a boost in energy while nourishing and strengthening your adrenals.

pH Balance Your Food and Spices

It takes time to learn to balance the pH of our meals. We take spices for granted but historically these herbs have been used as medicine and affect us deeply on a cell level. For example, Italian spices like oregano and basil are alkaline, but the acidity of the tomato sauce they’re added to in a typical Italian meal balances it out. If I eat a steak, salad, baked potato and some steamed greens I feel good; I use salt to balance out the acidity of the meat. But if that same meal has too much black pepper or too many spices, it will become unbalanced and I’ll feel tired.

When foods are too acidic the body buffers and overcompensates and becomes alkaline at the cell level.

This is why people like to drink wine when they eat, it offsets the acidity of the meal temporarily in the stomach and helps with digestion while they’re eating, but then they crash and become more alkaline. It’s the same thing with coffee and soda – your pH is going up and down like a seesaw along with your energy levels, blood sugar and stress hormones.

Don’t go for the quick fix – eat a good balanced meal. It’s better to feel good than to feel like garbage and tired all the time just so your food tastes good. If you feel like you were knocked in the head after a meal, then the meal wasn’t balanced. It usually takes about an hour to feel how a meal has affected cell pH, and often what we think are blood sugar issues are really pH imbalance.

Beat Bedtime Blues with Balanced Cell pH

When you toss and turn at night, feeling stressed out and unable to sleep, that’s pH imbalance – too acidic – at the cell level. Drinking ¼ teaspoon of salt or baking soda in 8 ounces of water, or a little lemon water at bedtime will bring you back into balance and help you get to sleep. If a bath helps you relax, use 2 cups of salt in the bath and soak for 20 minutes if you’re acidic, or use 2 cups of vinegar and soak for 20 minutes if you are too alkaline.

Get Balanced for Good Health

The body is like the soil; when it’s out of balance you can’t grow anything healthy – parasites, fungus and other “bad bugs” attack easily. We need to understand what it takes to have nutrient-rich, pH balanced “soil” at the cell level to grow good probiotics and thrive.

If you have vitality through the day, and have enough energy for all you want to accomplish, you are probably pH balanced in your cells. But if you are up and down or generally tired and lethargic, then you are out of balance. The older we get, in general people tend to get more tired and more out of balance. When we become extremely alkaline on a cellular level, our life force diminishes and we are on the way out.

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Dr.B - January 11, 2024

Use sea salt

sue fitzpatrick - February 11, 2018

Hi – What kind of salt do you recommend for the bath or the 1/4 teaspoon on water – Thank you – Sue

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