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Parasites, A Hidden Epidemic

Parasites, A Hidden Epidemic

By James Templeton

When I first started taking on clients, a beautiful young gal came to see me. She was in her late twenties, and just had a colostomy. The doctors told her sometimes the colon just goes bad, and since hers slowed down and stopped working properly, they took it out. I asked her more about her history and her issues, and it turns out she used to go camping up in the mountains a lot, then got really sick. Most of what I knew at this point in my career was about parasites, and I was convinced they were the source of her problem.

When I told her this, she couldn’t bear to hear it, and refused to let me test her. I didn’t give up though, and when I offered to test for free, she finally agreed. I sent her sample to a well-known parasitologist who dealt with tropical diseases from the military during Operation Desert Storm. Her test came back positive for several types of parasites, including worms (ascaris lumbricoides), giardia (a common water parasite), an amoeba, and more. She was so upset, she got up and walked out and wouldn’t even talk to me.

A Seriously Overlooked Issue

Signs of parasites in people are a seriously overlooked issue in this country. I was shocked when I met Ann Louise Gittleman and heard her speak on how common parasite problems are. My grandparents wouldn’t have been surprised at all. Their generation “wormed” the family every spring and fall just like we do with our pets. But we’ve lost that. We think we’re too clean for parasites, and we don’t connect that parasites live on our raw fruits and veggies, in meats and fish (especially sushi), in our water, and can pass to us from our pets.

I used to have big dogs and I loved them. They were happiest being outside, digging into stuff. I’d take them to the vet a couple times a year and they always had worms, so I’d give them the medicine to take care of it. I had cattle, and once they’d get skinny and not eat well, I’d pen them in the chute and deworm them and they’d come back around. We don’t think it’s strange when our animals have these parasites, but when it comes to us, it makes our skin crawl all over just thinking about it! Think about your cats. They spend their lives licking themselves all over, then they lick you. Same with your dogs. And they may even sleep in your bed. Is it so strange to think they could pass along parasites that can affect your health?

Spotting Red Flags for Parasites

Not many doctors study parasites; most are taught parasites like giardia simply run their course and people usually don’t need treatment. So we go to the doctors for more tests when the symptoms change and worsen, and get sent to the psychiatrist because they think we’re crazy. But unchecked infections affect metabolism down the road and can create a lot of serious health problems. Parasites are immunosuppressive once they get attached so the body doesn’t fight them off. Overweight, underweight, low energy, digestive issues, yeast and Candida, heavy metal toxicity – all are red flags to check for parasites.

It was really an eye-opener for me when Dr. Hermann Bueno put my tissue sample under the microscope and showed me the parasites in my body (read the story here). I’ve done similar testing for countless clients suffering with fatigue, bloating, gas, aches and pains, hair and teeth falling out, migraines, rashes, face breakouts and more. After a few months on a parasite cleanse they feel so much better. We had one client lose over 100 pounds after several months on a parasite cleanse. She felt so good on it, she kept going after the 3 month recommended time and had great results with her health and weight.

Parasite Testing & Cleansing

There are different types of testing for parasites, the most basic being the cup your doctor sends to the lab when you come in with a suspected exposure. But parasites are tissue invasive and not always accessible via testing. A client came to me after he had contracted cryptosporidium by drinking glacial mountain water on a hiking trip. He was treated by his doctor with medication, but it still progressed to colitis and then colostomy. He came to me after all of that and I saw the parasites in his blood sample.

I’ve learned you have to start cleaning, from the ground up, if you want to get well. Just like poor soil grows fungus, parasites grow when gut health is poor. Stomach acid, digestive enzymes and bile are the body’s natural parasite killers. Strengthen your gut health – supplement with hydrochloric acid with meals, cleanse and build up the bile, take proteolytic enzymes between meals to break down toxins and parasites, cut out the sugar. Consider a parasite cleanse if you have never done one or think you may have issues. UNI KEY Health was founded on what I learned about parasites. The parasite formulas and testing we offer are time-tested and have improved my health and the health of my clients and customers for many years.

Note: If you think parasites may be affecting your health, you may want to consider parasite cleansing with our Para-Key & Verma-Plus combo — this duo contains our proprietary herbal formulas used successfully by our clients for over 20 years to aid in parasite elimination.  Through July 6th, save 25% off with our Cleansing Sale!

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