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2019 weight loss

New Year – Your Weigh | Weight Loss Secrets for 2019

It’s time to find out what’s slowing down your metabolism and bring it back up to speed in the New Year!

If you’ve put your heart and soul into countless diets only to maintain or even gain weight, it’s important for you to know that it’s not your fault the weight won’t come off. The key reason many conventional diets fail is because they don’t address the toxins being stored in your fat cells, and they don’t correct the shutdown of key fat-burning tissues in your body. The reason your friend stays skinny eating whatever she wants has nothing to do with luck or genetics, and has everything to do with her environment and metabolism.

No diet in the world will work once your metabolism has turned toxic and sluggish.

If you want to stay energized for life and finally lose the weight, all while putting the brakes on unhealthy aging, then you need to understand what caused your metabolism to slow down and become toxic in the first place. When researchers study a disease, they start by looking at the cellular level to find the underlying root cause behind it all. For instance, when you have a suspicious lump removed, a doctor who specializes in pathology looks at the cells of the lump under the microscope to determine exactly what the lump is made of. 

Why haven’t we been looking at the cell level to find the root cause when it comes to obesity, weight gain, and sluggish metabolism?

Toxic cells lead to a toxic metabolism, and no diet will work once this sets in. But, when the cells are detoxified and key detox organs are given a rest, then your cells rebuild, mitochondria are powered back on, your energy level begins to build, and your fat-burning metabolism fires up and starts getting rid of unwanted pounds to reach a healthy weight. You become lighter – both physically and emotionally – and less toxic, with more energy to do what you love. Look into the reasons why your metabolism has slowed down below!

The Top 20 Reasons Your Metabolism Has Slowed Down

  1. You’re too sweet. For decades conventional wisdom told us fats were our mortal enemies, so we loaded up on carbs and sugars. Obesity and diabetes skyrocketed, leaving the low fat proponents scratching their heads as to why our health declined and our weigh increased – too much sugar in the form of sugary drinks, sugar-laden low fat substitutes, and too many carbs. It’s time to throw conventional diets out the window and focus on low glycemic carbs, moderate protein intake, and healthy essential fat consumption.
  2. You have hormone resistance at the cellular level. Your cells can become insulin resistant and leptin resistant, which are both key hormones in regulating your fat-burning metabolism. Insulin resistance leads to chronic inflammation, and once you are resistant to leptin, your brain stops sending the signal to your cells to burn fat for energy and the result is more fat gain.
  3. You’re missing the right kind of fat to fire up your metabolism. Your body was built to run on healthy fats and we aren’t eating enough of them. Fats have been villainized for so long we are simply reluctant to add them back in at levels that nourish and heal our cells. The fact is, the right kinds of both Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats in the right ratio are needed to restore cellular health and ignite your fat-burning metabolism.
  4. You have chronic inflammation. You have to reduce your overall inflammation levels to lose weight, and it may be easier than you think. Chronic inflammation can be caused not only by insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalance, but also deficiencies in Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fats, and high cortisol from chronic stress.
  5. You have problems with fat digestion. High fat diets like Keto and Paleo are all the rage right now, and while many experience dramatic weight loss, there are also many who can’t digest the fats required and instead experience bloating, digestive distress, weight gain or stalled progress. The problem isn’t your diet, it’s your gallbladder (or lack thereof).
  6. Your liver is stressed. Your liver is your main detoxification organ, responsible for the breakdown and elimination of both toxic cellular waste products and environmental toxins. Exposure to environmental toxins in air, water, and food can build up over time and bog down your liver’s normally efficient processing and elimination of these toxic substances. Once your liver is stressed, toxins are shuttled into your fat cells to be stored, and toxic fat cells don’t leave without a fight.
  7. Your fat cells are full of toxic waste. When toxins accumulate they get stored in your fat cells, and as a result you’re sick, fat, and tired and can’t lose weight. If you do manage to shed a few pounds, you release these toxins into your blood stream and feel sicker than you did before, which often leads to a rebound weight gain.
  8. Your bile is congested. Bile plays a major role in detoxifying your body. Once your bile becomes congested and thick with toxins, it leads to digestive disorders, thyroid problems, Type 2 Diabetes, hormone imbalances, depression, and so much more. There’s a vicious cycle created by obesity and toxic bile that only leads to more weight gain. The first step to cleansing bile is to take Bile Builderand get more choline and bitter foods in your diet.
  9. Your thyroid has “crashed.” The thyroid is the master regulator of your metabolism, and has a close relationship with bile and your gallbladder. When your bile becomes sluggish and toxic, it affects the health of your thyroid and slows your metabolism down, causing weight gain, even when thyroid blood tests look “normal.”
  10. You’re not in the protein “sweet spot.” Your muscles are a metabolically active tissue that is fueled by the amino acids in proteins. People with a higher lean body mass burn more calories – even at rest – than people with a higher fat mass. The key is to get the right amount of high quality proteins in your diet – too much or too little can cause metabolic problems.
  11. Your cells aren’t talking to each other anymore. Weight loss-resistance comes from a breakdown in cellular communication and lack of protein as a whole or specific amino acid deficiencies can be the sole cause.
  12. Your inner terrain isn’t as diverse as it used to be. Each person’s microbiome, which is their internal microbe community, is as unique as their fingerprint. Lean people have more diverse microbiomes than overweight people, and more diversity means a healthier, leaner, longer life. Probiotic, fermented foods are a great start to reseed your microbiome and increase your bacterial diversity, all while boosting your immunity and weight loss potential.
  13. You have uninvited guests in your intestines. Parasites are notorious for triggering weight gain, sugar cravings, anxiety, and insomnia, and are far more common than you realize. They are in the water we swim in, the water we drink, on the foods we eat, and in the soil we tend our gardens in. They are on the fur and tongues of the pets we share our homes and even our beds with. Spend thirty days with My Colon Cleansing Kit to cleanse the most common invaders from your intestines and remove this obstacle to your weight loss.
  14. You are chronically constipated. By a doctor’s definition, if you aren’t having a bowel movement after every meal you eat, you are constipated. Regular, healthy elimination is how we rid our bodies of the toxins our liver processes out. Without regular bowel movements, you can store up to 50 pounds of waste in your colon!
  15. You’ve been exposed to obesogens.Obesogens are endocrine disrupting chemicals that are known to cause weight gain, and are far too common in our everyday household products. If you use plastics (especially to heat foods in your microwave), nonstick cookware, canned foods, unfiltered tap water, anything with synthetic fragrances, non-organic personal care products or cleaning products, or have carpeting or stain-resistant furniture in your home, then you are being exposed to obesogens every single day.
  16. You have heavy metal toxicity. Every heavy metal we are exposed to carries a unique set of symptoms that accompany it, but most are endocrine disruptors that cause weight gain and fatigue. Environmental exposures include polluted air, car exhaust fumes, dental amalgams, cookware, personal care products, cosmetics, seafood, and so much more.
  17. You have copper imbalance. Copper overload is associated with estrogen dominance, low thyroid, fatigue, and weight gain, among other symptoms. It is much more common than you would think. It’s important to remove sources of copper your body can’t absorb, support your liver’s detoxification pathways, and choose bioavailable copper in foods as your only source of supplemental copper.
  18. You’ve been exposed to excessive radiation. Electropollution and nuclear radiation disrupt hormone signaling and communication, leading to weight gain. They also suppress your body’s natural antioxidant production, which affects your ability to heal. Use EMF-blocking devices on your phones, in your home, and make sure you don’t live close to a nuclear power plant or nuclear waste site.
  19. You’ve had exposure to mold or have biotoxin illness. The most common biotoxins come from mold, and exposure is cumulative, leading to fatigue, weight gain, and several other symptoms.
  20. One or more of your detox organs is impaired or missing. Detox is shared by all of your vital organs, including your liver, gallbladder, kidneys, colon, and lymphatic system. If one or more of these is missing or impaired, the others must compensate to do the work that’s needed, and the result is often a buildup of toxins resulting in a sluggish metabolism. Detoxification is key to staying slim, and because it’s our cells that do the work, true detox needs to reach to the cellular level, on a daily basis.

How You Can Overcome Your Sluggish Metabolism

The list of factors that can influence your metabolism and slow it down seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? Fortunately, they all respond to one simple yet powerful solution – Ann Louise Gittleman’s new Radical Metabolism plan! She spent countless hours researching health and weight loss at the cellular level and rewrote the rules of nutrition – again – to help you lose even the most stubborn weight.

It doesn’t matter if you have a thyroid issue slowing you down, an autoimmune disease challenging your weight loss, or simply are looking for better health as you age – her plan has been successful for people of all ages and stages of health. And her 5 Radical Rules are written in a way that’s easy to understand and incorporate into your lifestyle, complete with menu plans and ways to detox your lifestyle so the weight doesn’t come back.

It isn’t just a weight loss plan, it’s an easy-to-follow radical lifestyle to get your health back on track – all the way to the cellular level – and stay youthful, energetic, and vibrant, even into your golden years.

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Dorothy - March 29, 2019

Amazing number of reasons for sluggish metabolism! No wonder I haven’t been able to lose weight.

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