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Chris P. Lost 60 lbs. - Smoothie Shakedown

Chris P. Lost 60 lbs. - Smoothie Shakedown

"I'm so lucky and proud to call myself a member of the Fat Flush and Uni Key family. Ann Louise Gittleman's Fat Flush Plan is truly the way best way to change your life for good...for the better.

When I found the Smoothie Shakedown in December 2009 I was 60 pounds overweight. I'd been introduced to the FFP by a friend many years earlier and had success on plan but was unwilling to follow it earnestly and had not kept the weight off. After that, I tried many other "fad" diets but none of them stuck, and they were impossible to follow long term. As my 30th birthday approached I knew it was time to really do something about my health, not just my weight, but my health.

I ordered the Smoothie Shakedown with great anticipation and started it January 1st, 2010. By January 14th I knew my life was changing! When I weighed in and measured, I found that in the first 14 days I lost 17 lbs and 17 inches! The change was amazing! The way I felt and the way I looked already was a huge transformation. After the Shakedown I transitioned straight into phase 2 of the Fat Flush Plan and the weight just continued to come off, and I continued to feel better. My need to take ibuprofen daily for my back pain ceased. My nearly daily headaches ended as the FFP helped me find my allergy to certain veggies. My cellulite began to vanish thanks to the cran-water and the rebounding. The wonderful supplements and Body Protein from Uni Key made following the plan easy; I didn't have to spend time finding the perfect supplements and dosage, they were done for me by Uni Key and the quality was obvious.

"When I weighed in and measured, I found that in the first 14 days I lost 17 lbs and 17 inches! The change was amazing! The way I felt and the way I looked already was a huge transformation."

After another 5 months on Phase 2 of the FFP I was reaching my goal weight but seemed to have trouble with the last 10 pounds. It's at that point that I tried the Y-C Cleanse from Uni Key as after much reading I believed that I had yeast issues. The Y-C Cleanse was the missing link for me. Upon starting the cleanse, weight honestly melted off and I lost another 7 pounds and 4 inches off my belly the first week of the cleanse alone. It helped me think clearer and flattened my belly. I reached my goal shortly after that and easily have been able to stay at goal weight on Phase 3 of the Fat Flush Plan which is really and truly geared to be able to be a maintainable lifestyle, not an unenjoyable restrictive diet like others out there. I like to do a SS and a Y-C Cleanse every season as I enjoy the detox and the Y-C Cleanse is the most wonderful supplement to keep my yeast issues in "check".

Since I've lost 60+ pounds, my life has changed so much for the better. It's amazing when you find out how good and easy it is to quit counting calories, learn to eat the correct foods and finally pay attention to what your body is telling you. This is exactly what the Fat Flush has done for me. Everyone I know has been awed by this transformation and many have done the Smoothie Shakedown with similar successes. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ann Louise and Uni Key, I wouldn't be where I am without you!"

Chris P., Sanford, North Carolina

† Individual results from our products & programs vary; All testimonials are real life customer experiences; Weight loss on our Fat Flush and Smoothie Shakedown diets is typical for people who follow the plan.

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