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This Key Nutrient In Forbidden Foods Melts Away Fat And Cellulite

Nearly 90% of women and only 10% of men will experience cellulite in their lifetime. And despite our best efforts, cellulite treatments like brushing, blasting and massaging only provide temporary respite from this dimpled, lumpy skin. As we know, beauty is more than skin deep, and digging deeper into fat metabolism for this amazing nutrient is exactly what’s needed to rid the body of cellulite for good! Continue reading to find out how to melt away fat and cellulite.

Fast Fat Facts

Fat cells in women are usually arranged vertically under the skin. Fat cells store toxins the body is unable to process and eliminate, and once the toxins are inside the fat cell, the cell swells with fluid to dilute the toxicity. As these cells grow, the tops bulge and poke up through the connective tissue layer, creating the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Fat cells in men are typically arranged horizontally under the skin, but hormone imbalances can change this and cause cellulite for them, too.

High levels of insulin, an increase in stress hormones, and decreased levels of estrogen all contribute to the formation of cellulite. But it’s the liver that’s intimately involved in the entire process of fat metabolism, and natural medicine practitioners will tell you cellulite is the sign of a congested liver. This makes sense, and to explain it we need to delve into the subject of bile.

Build Better Bile

Bile is made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Its main job is to break down fats for digestion, and once those fats are broken down and toxins released, the bile binds those fats and toxins to eliminate them from the body through the bowel. But when you become constipated, even temporarily, your body recycles this bile because it’s a precious commodity.

Once this toxin-loaded bile cycles back to the liver, the liver can’t use it to effectively bind the next round of toxins ready to eliminate, so these toxins are shuttled off and stored in your body’s fat cells. This vicious cycle keeps happening, and these accumulating toxins thicken the normally thin, free-flowing bile into a toxic sludge that can’t move as easily. This creates liver congestion and slows down the whole detoxification process. And your fat cells continue to load up with toxins, swell to dilute them, and poke through the tissue, creating cellulite.

You can break this vicious cycle with one key nutrient.

But the best sources of this nutrient are blacklisted foods you’ve been told to stay away from, so you are likely to be deficient. And just a few weeks of a diet deficient in this nutrient will cause abnormal liver function.

The Superstar Nutrient Your Liver Loves

This nutrient superstar is choline. It’s most abundant in the egg yolks you’ve been told to avoid, and is present in smaller amounts in peanuts, liver, and lecithin from soy or sunflowers. In 1998, the National Academy of Sciences classified choline as an essential nutrient, meaning we need to get it in our diets to have enough to be healthy. Without it, we can develop fatty liver, cirrhosis, plaque in the arteries, high blood pressure, memory and mood issues, and more. This news transforms those egg yolks to more of a super food than a super villain.

The magic of choline is in its metabolic effects on fat cells. Choline makes sure that fat and cholesterol are properly transported throughout the body to be used for energy rather than stored to build up over time. The compound phosphatidylcholine makes sure that fat and cholesterol don’t accumulate in the liver, and this is where the magic happens. Once the liver is properly handling fats, the bile becomes thinner and less toxic, fat cells are able to safely detox and be removed in the bile, and the vicious cycle that leads to cellulite is stopped in its tracks. Once choline is at optimal levels, fat and cellulite start to melt away. How’s that for a natural cellulite treatment?!

Best Choline Sources for Natural Cellulite Treatment

If you can’t wrap your head around enjoying egg yolks again and liver makes you nauseous just to think about, then it’s time to supplement choline for optimal levels. The recommended daily value for adults is at least 550 mg of choline per day in food and supplements. UNI KEY Health's Bile Builder Supplements for no gallbladder are a great source of choline at 500 mg per serving. Some experts recommend up to 1000mg as an optimal dose, but don’t go any higher because too much of this good thing will cause digestive upset and diarrhea.

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