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I Used to Have Cancer Book

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Paperback book

A new memoir from UNI KEY founder, James Templeton as he takes an inspiring look back at his unique journey in overcoming stage 4 melanoma. 

James takes you with him on a trip crisscrossing America, during which he shares the various natural approaches he followed to battle his cancer―from diet and supplements to meditation and lifestyle adjustments. 

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A memoir by 30-year stage IV cancer survivor James Templeton

By all standards of success, James Templeton seemed to have it all. He was a highly successful businessman, had a beautiful wife and daughter, and, only in his early thirties, had his whole life in front of him. To avoid the same fate as his father and grandfather, who both died of heart attacks at a young age, James became an avid runner―a passion that he believed helped him stay fit and healthy.

Imagine his shock when, during a routine physical, his doctor noticed a mole on his body that turned out to be a melanoma―a dangerous form of skin cancer. The mole was removed immediately and James, who was diligent in his follow-up exams, appeared to be cancer-free―but only for a short while.

When the cancer reappeared and had spread, on the advice of his doctor, James followed the conventional medical protocol, which included surgery and chemotherapy. He was also involved in a clinical trial. When he learned that the treatments weren’t working, James was obviously devastated.

He had reached a new low point in his life, and as he lay in the hospital bed, he prayed fervently for help. As if by some miracle, help came to James in the form of three different visitors who would change the course of his life―and help direct him on a path back to health.

I Used to Have Cancer book is James Templeton’s memoir―an inspiring look back at his unique journey in overcoming stage 4 melanoma. James takes you with him on a trip crisscrossing America, during which he shares the various natural approaches he followed to battle his cancer―from diet and supplements to meditation and lifestyle adjustments.

As his journey continued, you will see first-hand how James’ definition of success changed from making money to seeing the next sunrise. And how he continues finding success by reaching out to others to share the lessons he has learned.

While this book largely focuses on the various methods James used to overcome his own cancer, it is also an inspiring story of not giving up when all other avenues of conventional medicine fail. It is about taking control of your life and finding a way back from the brink of death. It is about being able to tell your friends, “I used to have cancer.”


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Renee F.
United States United States

I've been on it for a few month now and I feel better but I still have alot wrong health wise. It's not cancer or any severe disease. COPD AND I HAVE HELP FOR THAT. Sorry left caps on. Lol I'd like to get a natural vitamin that combines bones brain liver eyes stomach heart and bowels. I don't want much do I. But I know God put natural remedies that we call weeds or things that are all natural on this earth that heals all. Remember IN the Bible God says he wants everyone to live to be 120 years old. So you think you could put a vitamin together to do all that oh and lungs. I hope you think about it. I can not afford to buy all that separately. But I do like MAG key.

United States United States


I purchased this book for a cousin who is a RN and her husband was diagnosed with bone cancer. She seems to like it.

Robert B.
United States United States

Book Review

GREAT and have recommended it to my friends.

Rita F.
United States United States

What a journey!

This is a touching book. James had to go through much hardship. Especially painful I think is when your wife is not on your side and business is more important to her. Anyway, I skipped through this book and read several chapters more thoroughly because I have a stack of books on melanoma to read. James' persistance, excellent logical thinking , endurance and steadfastness is an excellent example how to best approach when given the diagnosis Cancer. And his painful and difficult journey goes on, hwever, it also shows the providence of our loving heavenly father. He meets the first lady of nutrition, a nutritionist I highly admire ( I think I have almost all her books) Ann Louise Gittleman. And she advises James. What a blessing! You will benefit greatly reading this book!

Gloria C.
United States United States

A Most Interesting and Well Written Book

The book was so interesting that I could not put it down until I finished it. I was glad that James Templeton wrote about his experience with chemotherapy to alert people of its danger. And that people can have parasites and not even know it. I USED TO HAVE CANCER is a well written book.

Karen W.
United States United States

Very Inspirational

I learned so much reading this book. I researched and bought a new water filter system. I also learned new ideas for nutrition and important supplements. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to know how to live healthier and decrease risks for getting cancer.