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UNI KEY and California Proposition 65

Proposition 65 Information for California Residents

If you have lived in the state of California, you know that prop 65 warnings are very common. You can find them almost everywhere and they are required for any business who wants to sell or ship products to California. As a UNI KEY Health customer, you will now find prop 65 warning labels on ALL products we ship to California.

This may be alarming to you if you are a new customer or have purchased from us in the past and this is your first time seeing the prop 65 warning labels on UNI KEY Health supplements.

For the sake of total transparency, we want our customers to understand more about our policy and our strict quality standards which have remained unchanged for the almost 30 years we have been in business. If you have any questions, please contact our Wellness Consultants at 800-888-4353.

california with example of prop 65 warning

A message from UNI KEY Founder James Templeton about Proposition 65:

Since Uni Key Health Systems' founding in 1992, product quality and safety has always been of the utmost importance -- from the sourcing of raw materials to stringent manufacturing standards and third-party testing. We appreciate that many of you have trusted us and our products for a number of years, and it's not a responsibility we take lightly.

If you are a California resident, you are probably already very familiar with Proposition 65 warnings and know that your state's standards are by far the strictest in the nation. For example, the Prop 65 limit for lead is 0.5 micrograms per day which is 150 times greater than the FDA standard of 75 mcg per day (for a non-pregnant adult).

As a result, Prop 65 standards can be very difficult to meet in many cases. For supplement manufacturers, it has become harder and harder to source raw materials that continually meet the standards. These raw materials are generally plant-sourced material grown in earth which can naturally contain metals like lead in minimal trace amounts.

We are able to meet the Proposition 65 limits on the majority of UNI KEY branded products, and we can verify that all of our products will always meet Federal safety standards. As an extra step, we conduct frequent third party testing to confirm levels of heavy metals.

In order to ensure total compliance and avoid any unnecessary liability, ALL of our products will be labeled with a Proposition 65 warning when sent to California. For more information on California Proposition 65, please visit:

Yours in health,

James Templeton
President and CEO, UNI KEY Health