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Submit a Video and Save

Tips for Creating a Good Video

  1. Walk around with your phone camera in selfie mode until you find good lighting. Often, natural light from a window really helps. Choose the best lighting possible. 
  2. Whether you are filming in selfie mode, or having someone film for you, hold the phone close to you in a vertical position without a lot of other distractions in view. 
  3. Briefly tells us, in one minute or less, about the UNI KEY product(s) that has helped you and what positive differences you have noticed. Be sure to include the product name, and show your bottle if you'd like. Videos will be edited for quality on our end. 

If you'd like to submit more than one video for different products, you will need to send one at a time. Please allow 1-2 business days for review. We will contact you via email with your coupon code upon approval.

*To Earn the 30% Off coupon you must submit a valid video subject to approval by our staff. Coupon code can not be combined with other offers and is valid for a single use only. Discount can not be applied to other special offers and discounts and can not be used on testing or water filtration. Limit of one video per product and one coupon per 30 days.