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Quality Promise

Here at UNI KEY Health, we adhere to the highest standards in order to fulfill our quality assurance to you.  

Through our testing procedures, we strive to provide high quality manufacturing and strict inspections at critical points throughout the production process.
Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which meets only the highest standards for dietary supplements.

Purity & Potency:

Rigorous screening of raw materials in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) assure the identity, quality, purity, & potency of UNI KEY products.

Finished Goods Batch Testing:

To ensure that every product meets purity specifications and adheres to label claims, extensive testing is combined with top quality manufacturing.

Independent Laboratory Testing:

We go the extra mile and have our products third-party tested to confirm they meet purity requirements for a superior product.

BPA-Free & Recycled Materials:

A healthy environment is important to us. We take pride in the fact that we use BPA-free packaging and ship using recycled and biodegradable packing material.

Specific Ingredient Concerns:

Gluten - All UNI KEY brand products are considered gluten-free unless stated on the label.

Soy - Many of our products including Fat Flush Whey Protein and Fat Flush Body Protein are completely free of soy and soy derivatives. Our Flora-Key probiotic formula is grown on rice and is therefore soy-free. UNI KEY products containing vitamin E do contain a vitamin E derived from soy, as are practically ALL vitamin E preparations on the market. Some individuals, though soy intolerant, do just fine on soy derivatives, including the Vitamin E found in our products. Our Weight Loss Formula contains soy lecithin. Perhaps because the allergenic portion—generally the protein part—is not present, for the great majority of people, soy lecithin poses no problem.

GMOs - Here at UNI KEY, we are especially concerned about the presence of genetically modified ingredients in much of today’s food supply. We diligently ensure that all of our products are free of genetically modified ingredients!