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Protein comparison

Protein Powder – Comparison Chart on separate page including this protein content comparison information:
Q: What are the differences between Fat Flush Whey Protein and Fat Flush Body Protein?
A: Both products are excellent sources of protein and nutrients. Fat Flush Whey Protein is derived from dairy and Fat Flush Body Protein is derived from pea and rice. Both support healthy weight loss and are excellent as a meal replacement. Fat Flush Body Protein sustains and energizes for approximately 4 hours and Fat Flush Whey Protein sustains and energizes for approximately 2-3 hours.*

Q: Is one protein powder better to lose weight and one better to use for meal substitutions?
A: Both Whey Protein and Body Protein are used successfully for weight loss and meal replacement. Both products provide 20 grams of protein per serving; however, Body Protein seems to keep people full longer.

Q: I am currently following the Fat Flush Plan and would like to do the Smoothie Shakedown. I already have Fat Flush Whey Protein. Can I use that instead of Body Protein?
A: You certainly can try using Whey Protein. However the program was designed around Body Protein because it sustains you for approximately 4 hours, whereas Whey Protein sustains for approximately 2-3 hours.

Q: Is there another product you have that I can use as a daily protein drink without actually being involved in a "flush" diet?
A: Fat Flush Body Protein is designed for multiple uses – weight loss, fitness, and meal replacement for the whole family. Gluten- and dairy-free, this delicious and well-tolerated combination of rice and pea protein is free of all common allergens, including soy! Body Protein won't cause bloating, gas or indigestion like so many other protein powders that feature soy protein isolates and denatured dairy proteins. You can use this plant-based protein powder to stay fully sustained and energized for a good four hours. Look for smoothie recipes at to find plenty of variations to make this powder a staple – day in and day out.