Prostate Formula

Prostate Formula

60 Capsules (30-Day Supply)
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Purely natural prostate support.

Prostate Formula is a synergistic and pH balanced formula featuring the highest-grade raw bovine prostate and thymus glandular from New Zealand to support a healthy prostate gland.

With added saw palmetto, pygeum africanum and zinc to support healthy PSA and BPH levels.*

Our formula is natural and contains NO:

  • Antibiotics
  • Growth hormones
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Major agricultural disease
  • Bovine Spongiform
  • Encephalopathy (BSE)

Supplementing with prostate glandulars can provide the building blocks for ideal prostate function and repair.*

    Prostate Formula Product Information Sheet

    Recommended Dosage
    Take one (1) capsule two times daily on an empty stomach, or as directed by a health care professional.

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