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Now you can take a bath that does leave you with dry or irritated skin, and you can feel secure knowing your bath water has been made safe from contaminants such as chlorine.

You absorb 6 to 100 times more chlorine in the bathtub than you do by drinking the same water. For almost 100 years, chlorine has been added to disinfect our municipal water supply. The level of chlorine in your area depends on the quality of your water supply, but even if there is no noticeable smell, the chlorine may still be present. Chlorine absorbed in the bath dries the skin, decolorizes and causes brittle hair, causes eye irritation and inhaling chlorine vapors can cause an allergic reaction.

The Bathtub filter safely removes chlorine, hypochlorus acid, dirt & odors and sediment from your bath water for smoother skin. Installation only takes minutes and is ready to use immediately. 

The remarkable Bathtub filter units work best in warm or hot water, utilizing a new ion exchange resin called "Chlorgon"  to effectively reduce not only chlorine, but also particulates, iron, rust, dirt, and other contaminants. 

This filter must be changed out every 3-6 months or approximately 50 baths. Prolonging filter usage will reduce contaminant reduction and the filter will no longer provide optimal results. 

***Please Note***   
Bathtub spigot needs to be at least 4 inches long for filter to fit.



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