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  • Herbal parasite cleanse formula*
  • Traditional herbs used for centuries to expel "uninvited guests" and get rid of parasites naturally*
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An herbal parasite cleanse with traditional herbs used for centuries

"The only herbal (parasite) formulas I use are those designed by and sold by Uni Key Health Systems with input from Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS..."
-Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD, Editor, Women's Health Letter

Verma-Plus features an herbal parasite cleanse with traditional ingredients used for centuries to help clear the body of unwanted organisms and get rid of parasites naturally in the GI tract and bloodstream.

Key ingredients of this herbal parasite cleanse include:

  • Black Walnut Hulls - Used for centuries by Native Americans and Chinese medicine to expel waste and unwanted microorganisms*
  • Wormwood - For elimination of worms from the body and intestinal tract*
  • Centaury - An eliminator that helps release the "hooks and suckers" from intestinal walls according to Native American herbal lore*
  • Male Fern - A widely-accepted purgative for larger microorganisms*
  • Orange Peel - Aids digestion, circulation and promotes peristalsis*
  • Cloves - Helps improve digestion and circulation, and helps gas and intestinal spasms*
  • Butternut - For elimination of common pinworms and microorganisms*

1 of 3 supplements included in My Colon Cleansing Kit.

Verma-Plus Information Sheet

Take 1/4 teaspoon in four ounces of water three times daily: twice between meals on an empty stomach and once at bedtime or as directed by a health care professional.

For children 40-80 lbs, take half the adult dosage.

Not recommended for children under 40 lbs.

Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing.

Other products such as Zymex II are available for children weighing under 40 lbs. Call UNI KEY at (800) 888-4353 for more information.

NOTE: The "bitter" taste is what these critters hate! Bitter is better, especially when it comes to eliminating microorganisms. If you experience loose bowels, fatigue, or skin eruptions, please realize these are signs of cleansing. If you are uncomfortable, simply stop the preparations for two days, then continue at half the dosage for another two days, after which you can resume the regular dosage.

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