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Decoding the Keys to Health Podcast

Aging Strong

Show Notes:

Ever wonder about the protein quotas for late agers? Join us as we unlock the pivotal significance of protein in your diet, particularly as you age. James and Ann Louise unravel the 40/30/30 formula for optimal protein intake, spotlight assessments on vegetarian and raw food diets, amino acid blood tests, and the power of plant-based protein sources. Journey through the wisdom of nutrition pioneer Dr. Hazel Parcells and anecdotes from the legendary bodybuilder Jack LaLanne. As you listen, the spotlight reveals a concealed truth: as protein intake climbs, so does the need for digestive enzymes. Discover the path to harmony while embracing protein-rich diets. Tune in to grasp why protein is the bedrock of well-being and how to source and harness its transformative benefits. This episode is your key to actionable knowledge, elevating your holistic health journey.

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