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Decoding the Keys to Health Podcast

Cracking The Carb Code

Show Description: Carbohydrates – the often-misunderstood components of our diet, have sparked endless debates about their impact on our health. In this brand new podcast, hosts James Templeton and Ann Louise Gittleman take you on a transformational journey through the misunderstood world of carbs, exploring the good, the bad, and the ugly, and revealing how the right kind of carbs can profoundly impact your well-being. James shares a compelling personal story of how carbohydrates, specifically those included in the macrobiotic diet, saved his life, while Ann Louise provides insights into the macrobiotic diet's overall health benefits and why certain carbohydrate-smart foods are included in her famous Fat Flush Diet. The podcast also delves into the complexities surrounding grains, distinguishing between whole grains and refined grains, and uncovering the simple secret to making grains healthier. From James' passionate endorsement of millet, a grain relatively free from heavy metals, to Ann Louise's explanation of why you should pop sorghum instead of popcorn, the hosts reveal the hidden gems of carb choices. If you've ever wondered about the true power of carbohydrates and their potential to transform your health, join hosts James Templeton and Ann Louise Gittleman on this eye-opening podcast, and unlock the life-changing benefits of the right kind of carbs.

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