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Chocolate Recipes to Die(t) For!

Love chocolate without the guilt! Just when the chocolate Santas are good and gone,  the aisle of chocolate Cupids tend to appear. But never fear— there are ways to enjoy the decadence of chocolate without all the sugar. Save Print...

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31-Day Smoothie Calendar

Have a different smoothie, every day of the month! See a smoothie that piques your interest? Click the picture to get the recipe! View Larger Size The post 31-Day Smoothie Calendar appeared first on Your Health Keys.

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Green Smoothie Recipes

Sure, I love recycling and the idea of riding a bike to work as much as the next gal, but my favorite way to go green? Spinach. Kale. Mint. I’m talking green smoothies, of course! The gang and I got...

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5 Guilt-free Chocolate Smoothie Recipes

Make a sweet treat for your sweetie! They’re a Valentine’s Day tradition, those little heart-shaped boxes. But what do those chocolates really say? “I forgot about Valentine’s Day until last night when I was in Walgreens.” or “I know you’re...

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