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Hidden Toxins in Our Everyday Lives

By James Templeton How conscious are you of the toxins you’re being exposed to? Because our country isn’t paying attention. Most people aren’t aware of the toxins in their food, water and air that are bombarding them every moment of...

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BPA: A Chemical Threat in Every Day Life

Does “ignorance is bliss” really resonate with society? Not if you value your health…and the health of your children. With ever-more research being conducted, the evidence is undeniable: BPA runs chemical interference with the human body. Developed in the 1930’s...

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DIY: Chemical-Free Household Cleansers

Inexpensive and effective ways to clean your home without toxic chemicals. When we buy cleaning products, we usually look for two things: inexpensive and effective. But there are some very toxic ingredients in most of the cleaners today that can...

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