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180 capsules (30-day supply)

An all-inclusive bone-building formula

Osteo-Key contains:

  • The most absorbable form of calcium available
  • Complete vitamin K complex + added vitamin D3
  • Bone-building minerals magnesium, silica, boron, manganese & zinc

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Bone loss is not simply a "calcium deficiency disease"...

Bone loss is a rather complicated condition that affects an estimated 34 million at-risk Americans. After age 30, breakdown of bone outpaces production of new bone.

Thanks to the latest research on the roles of vitamin K and vitamin D, we can now be assured that the calcium we consume ends up in our bones, not in our soft tissues or arteries.

Other bone loss factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Menopause and hormonal imbalances
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • Medications
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol

Our Osteo-Key Formulation

A formula based on the latest research, Osteo-Key contains a complete vitamin K complex (vitamin K1 and two forms of vitamin K) balanced for maximum bone strengthening support capability and increased vitamin D3.*

The Osteo-Key formula provides a clinically effective combination of other supportive bone-building nutrients at the recommended levels:

  • Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite (MCHA) - provides the most absorbable form of calcium available*
  • Vitamin D3 and complete vitamin K complex - helps transport calcium into your bones for maximum density.*
  • Magnesium - contributes to bone mineral density, deficiency may lead to osteoporosis*
  • Silica (silica dioxide) - stimulates the activity of osteoblasts-the bone-building cells. A recent study of 2,800 participants found that those who supplemented with silica experienced higher bone density.*
  • Boron - helps improve bone strength and preserve bone mass. It also helps the absorption of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D into the bones.*
  • Manganese - promotes the growth of healthy bone and cartilage. Studies show that low levels of manganese can lead to weaker bones.*
  • Zinc - helps to prevent brittle bones. Studies show that zinc is important for proper bone formation, bone growth and mineral uptake.*


Take three (3) capsules twice daily with meals as a dietary supplement.

Why Buy From Us?

Our Quality Promise

Osteo-Key is manufactured in the USA at a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and FDA registered facility. Each finished product undergoes stringent purity, potency and heavy metal testing.

Every batch of Osteo-Key is then third-party tested to confirm it meets the highest standards for purity, and every third batch is third-party tested for heavy metals.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe you’ll love the benefits of Osteo-Key.

And you can try Osteo-Key today with complete confidence thanks to our 100% Satisfaction 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’re dissatisfied with Osteo-Key for any reason (or none at all) please give us a call at 1-800-888-4353 or email and we’ll make it right.

We invite you to try Osteo-Key today RISK FREE!

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Sheila H.
United States United States

Osteo-Key the best!

I've been taking Osteo-Key for at least five years. My alternative physicians muscle test for me every six months and it is always strong- the best. I have had osteopenia for 30 years. My bone density tests have improved over where they were 30 years ago. Holding strong.


UNI KEY Health

Thanks for your great review, Sheila! This is awesome! We're so happy to hear that Osteo-Key has helped improve your bone density! Please keep us updated! In good health, UNI KEY Staff

Nancy H.
United States United States




UNI KEY Health

Thanks for your great review, Nancy! We are pleased to hear that Osteo-Key is working for you and that your joint pain has lessened. Please keep us updated on your progress. In good health, UNI KEY Staff

Kathlyn A.
United States United States

Good Improvement

After a year of taking Osteo-Key, I went in for my annual physical, my bone density had improved. That's exactly what I was hoping for!


UNI KEY Health

Hi Kathlyn, Thank you for your great review on Osteo-Key, Kathlyn. We're so pleased to hear that your bone density has improved! Please keep us updated on your progress. In good health, UNI KEY Staff

Tracy M.
United States United States

Healing magic in a bottle

There are a few Unikey products I can’t live without and now I’ve added Osteo-key to my list of essentials! I broke the metatarsal bone in my foot 6 weeks ago. After 3 weeks the X-rays showed no healing. I needed something other than vitamin D and I remembered the Osteokey I took a ways back and immediately ordered a bottle. After taking for 2 weeks the Dr said my foot has healed 50%. I’m on my second bottle and have an X-ray in 2 days and I’m hoping it is 75% or even higher! I want out of the boot and back to doing the athletics I love to do. This is the BEST bone supplement out there!

UNI KEY Health Osteo-Key Review

UNI KEY Health

This is wonderful news Tracy! We're so glad to hear that your foot is on the mend! Osteo-Key is made from the most absorbable form of calcium available and has bone building minerals like as magnesium, boron, zinc and manganese so this makes perfect sense! We hope you're back to your regular activities soon! Thanks for the great review and your support! In good health, UNI KEY Staff

Tracy M.
United States United States

Excellent bone healer

I broke the metatarsal bone in my foot almost 5 weeks ago. The X-ray after 2 weeks after showed no healing and possible surgery. I was discouraged so I doubled up on vitamin D ( which I purchased the Thorne vitamin D from unikey to get a quality product) and also got the Osteo-key and have been taking it 3 x a day. I had an X-ray again after 2 weeks and the Dr was thrilled because it is 75% healed and I’m ahead of schedule and won’t need surgery. I showed him the osteo-key and he said keep taking it because it’s working. Needless to say I bought another bottle! Unikey products are like no other!

UNI KEY Health Osteo-Key Review

UNI KEY Health

Thanks so much for your awesome review Tracy! We're so excited to hear Osteo-Key is working and kept you from needing surgery! Keep us posted! In good health, UNI KEY Staff

Maureen F.
United States United States

I'm a believer now!

I was in a lot of discomfort with my hips, so much so, that I'd see my chiropractor weekly and eat arnica like it was going out of style! After speaking with Liz and reading the reviews here, I thought I'd take a gamble to see if this produce would provide me with some much needed relief. I was astonished! I started to hike again and I slept better, because my pain would keep me up during the night. My body felt terrific and I felt like I lost years -- young again. I really noticed a difference when I ran out of Osteo-Key. It's been out of stock now, for several months, and I noticed a big difference. I cannot wait to reorder Osteo-Key, especially now that winter is right around the corner. I'm hoping to have a pain free winter.