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Y-C Cleanse

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4 oz. bottle

Combat Yeast & Candida Overgrowth with a Natural Yeast Cleanse*

A normally harmless yeast, when Candida albicans grows out of control like when we consume sugar or even too many natural sugars from fruits and/or fruit juices it can become an invasive troublemaker. 

As a natural yeast cleanse, Y-C Cleanse is a homeopathic yeast and Candida cleanse that contains ingredients to help neutralize the Candida and enhance immunity with additional homeopathic ingredients including echinacea.

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Combat Yeast & Candida Overgrowth with a Natural Yeast Cleanse*

A normally harmless yeast, when Candida albicans grows out of control like when we consume sugar or even too many natural sugars from fruits and/or fruit juices it can become an invasive troublemaker. You can end up with concerns like intense fatigue, sinus pain, headaches, joint discomfort and even weight gain.

As a natural yeast cleanse, Y-C Cleanse contains homeopathic ingredients that will neutralize the Candida as well as putrefactive substances (skatolum and indolum) from the system and enhance immunity with additional homeopathic ingredients including echinacea.

Five Signs You May Need a Candida Yeast Cleanse

1. You crave sweets after every meal whether you're stuffed or not.
2. You can't pass up the bread basket.
3. Your stubborn belly bloat just won't seem to go away.
4. Headaches and mental "fog" have been making it hard to focus.
5. Embarrassing gastrointestinal issues have you hiding in the bathroom.

What exactly is yeast and Candida overgrowth?

Before starting a yeast cleanse, it helps to have a better understanding of how Candida functions in the body.

First of all, you can't escape it. Candida albicans  is in the air, in your throat, and in your gut. This yeast is everywhere and Candida cells are constantly reproducing and dying inside your body.

The life cycle of this yeast means that the toxins from dying Candida cells are constantly being released into your bloodstream to be processed by the liver. This can become troublesome with overgrowth because your liver becomes overloaded. Without a candida yeast cleanse, the liver is unable to keep up. It has to store these toxins for processing later in fat cells around the hips, belly and thighs.

Another typical symptom of Candida overgrowth is eating lots of sugar and carbs but still craving more. This is because Candida needs sugar to reproduce and grow and tricks your body into believing it needs more sugar which can lead to overeating and overindulging in sweets. The overall effect of Candida Overgrowth often is weight gain, extreme fatigue and cravings.

Customers who use Y-C Cleanse as a yeast cleanse have reported...

  • Improvement in belly bloat*
  • Better control over cravings*
  • Weight Loss with greater ease (when used with diet and exercise)*
  • Enhanced mood*
  • More energy*

The Case for Homeopathic Medicine: The Historical and Scientific Evidence


Recommended Dosage 

Adults take four (4) droppers or one (1) teaspoon in two (2) ounces of water one half hour before eating breakfast or as directed by a health care professional. Swish in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. For children 40-80 lbs, take half the adult dosage. Not recommended for children under 40 lbs. Those with sensitive systems should start with one (1) dropper and progress gradually to the full dosage. Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing.

Active Ingredients: Equal parts of Candida albicans 20C, 30C, Candida parapsilosis 20C, 30C, Carbo veg. 12C, Skatolum 12X, Indolum 12X, Echinacea ang./purp. 12X.

Inactive Ingredients: 20% ethyl alcohol, purified water.

Why Buy From Us?

Our Y-C Cleanse homeopathic remedy is hand-succussed in an FDA-registered OTC drug facility, which is held to even higher GMP standards than standard supplement manufacturing. Our manufacturer is among a very small number of natural medicine companies that have been FDA-inspected for GMP compliance under the OTC drug regulations. Every batch of finished product is tested to ensure consistency with rigorous quality standards.

Every batch of Y-C Cleanse is then third-party tested to confirm it meets the highest standards for purity, and every third batch is third-party tested for heavy metals.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe you’ll love the benefits of Y-C Cleanse.

And you can try Y-C Cleanse today with complete confidence thanks to our 100% Satisfaction 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’re dissatisfied with Y-C Cleanse for any reason (or none at all) please give us a call at 1-800-888-4353 or email and we’ll make it right.

We invite you to try Y-C Cleanse today RISK FREE!

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Karla A.
United States United States

Great homeopathic cleanse!!!

Tis the holiday season...and so many irresistible goodies. I noticed a yeast infection after Thanksgiving and have tried to stay away from the sweets, but of no avail. I've been swishing the Y-C Cleanse and taking Flora-Key (putting on popcorn and in morning protein drink) and the yeast infection is going away, even while still consuming the sweets.


UNI KEY Health

Hi Karla, Thanks so much for your awesome review! It's so hard to stay away from all of the sweets during the holiday season! We're so happy to hear that Y-C Cleanse is helping to tackle the yeast! Keep us updated :) In good health, UNI KEY Staff

Elaine R.
United States United States

Y-C Cleanse

I have been using this product over three years and it works! I went on a trip and forgot my bottle and felt nauseated because I was eating foods that contained lots of sugar and bad carbs. Then when I returned home I started by Y-C Cleanse routine and have felt much better, I know my entire system is happy again.


UNI KEY Health

Thanks for your great review, Elaine! We're so glad to hear Y-C Cleanse is working for you and helps with your nausea. Thanks again! In good health, UNI KEY Staff

Christina S.
United States United States

Excellent and effective!

This product worked great for me! I’m still using my first bottle & I think it lasts 4-5 wks using it daily. I felt better in 2 wks following protocol of no fruits, bread etc and of course anything sweet (except I use stevia in my green tea). My knees have felt better and my small abdomen pooch reduced. I feel less stiff and a strange blister near one finger nail has gone away after this finger had swelled up following some weeks of eating sugary desserts. I also have less of a runny nose while walking outside in nature. I’m going to continue using to help me stay on the no sugar path. Not so hard, but I did have some ice cream one or two days after week 3 on YC cleanse and this was a bad idea- did not feel good the next day(s)! I have reintroduced eating 1/2 a less sweet small apple daily after 3 wks and this seems ok for me. Highly recommend this product if you think you have a yeast problem.

Rose M.
United States United States

Works for me

I order this on and off over the years and it helps visibly with my candida. Thank you.

Brenda S.
United States United States

Can't live without this

Y-C Cleanse seems to reduce any symptoms I may get from consuming gluten. I feel less bloated, less nauseated and I don't wake up with the sticky mouth film you can get after sleeping. I truly notice a difference when I don't use it. I also think it may cut down my sugar cravings too.

Y-C C.
United States United States

Bloat Blaster

I have been taking the y- c cleanse for a month. I have no bloat since taking this product and have noticed my tummy getting flatter.


UNI KEY Health

Hi Linda, We're so happy you're seeing results with Y-C Cleanse and that it is working for you! Thank you for the great review! Keep us posted on your progress! In good health, UNI KEY Staff