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Radical Longevity

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What If Aging Is Optional?

New from New York Times Bestselling author, Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.

Radical Longevity reveals a Powerful Plan to Sharpen Your Brain, Strengthen Your Body and Reverse the Symptoms of Aging

Say goodbye to the commonly accepted symptoms of aging that hijack your quality of life and sabotage your body.

Can we really change how we age? Ann Louise Gittleman, the award winning New York Times bestselling author, says “YES”. In her newest book, Radical Longevity, she once again challenges conventional thinking to rewrite the rules of aging, dispel the myths, and create a roadmap for aging with grace, guts, power and beauty. She reveals the root causes behind the most prevalent age-related issues such as wrinkles; sagging skin and thinning hair; memory stealing Alzheimer’s; heart disease; debilitating arthritis; and osteoporosis as well as greater susceptibility to viral infection – not to mention the loss of independence, mobility, and relevance.

Ann Louise explores why so many of us spend our last 30 years of life undoing the poor lifestyle habits of the previous 60. She explains what we can do, right now, to start reversing the aging process to extend our “youth span” and live vibrantly well beyond 100. By lessening our toxic load and turning on longevity genes, we can all create an age-cancelling “fountain of youth”!

Extending our ‘youth span’ is entirely within our grasp. Thanks to the Radical Longevity premise that our “biology is not our biography,” we can reinvent everything we thought we knew about aging by making conscious choices to deprogram our genetic inheritance.

For far too long, most of us (including the medical community) have simply accepted declining health as a byproduct of natural aging. Radical Longevity by Ann Louise Gittleman takes on the status quo and delves deeper into the latest leading-edge research on age-related health factors. Learn about the age-cancelling molecule that holds the promise of long life, while feeling and looking younger longer.

Ann Louise stands on the frontlines of health committed to helping others beat the odds to stay young and healthy in an increasingly toxic world. Just consider that Alzheimer’s is now the fastest growing disease, more people have cancer today than the start of the ‘War on Cancer’ in 1971, and the number of individuals with diabetes and pre-diabetes is more than the entire population of our grandparents’ era. The information revealed in Radical Longevity couldn’t be more timely and needed than it is right now.

Discover new, practical, effective methods to reverse the most prevalent aging concerns, such as:

  • Skin and hair issues such as wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, elasticity loss, hair loss and more.
  • Cellular breakdown decreasing your restorative and regenerative power.
  • Inability to cope with increased anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness.
  • Increased cardiovascular risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, blood clots and stroke.
  • Declining immune function and increased risks for lung-related illness such as pneumonia, bronchitis and others.
  • Arthritis (joint pain and stiffness), limited mobility, increased fall risk and other independence-stealing ailments.
  • Cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Weakened muscles and thinning bones, resulting in muscle loss, fraility, loss of stability and balance.

Radical Longevity is going to revolutionize the way we look at aging going forward. By combining leading-edge longevity research with traditional healing wisdom, you’ll find an all-new refreshing radical approach toward living vibrantly beginning at a cellular level. Now in my 70s myself, I wrote this book so you can say goodbye to aches, pains and deteriorating health conditions and share in my vision of growing older with grace, guts, power and beauty.

Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.


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Diane L.
United States United States

Radical Longevity

I wanted to say that it was overall very easy to order this book. I was surprised that I even received some free gifts for purchasing Ann Louise Gittleman's book. The gifts are very useful for me, and having been given bonus for a purchase has helped me with the diet that I am currently on. So far, I have just started reading the book, because I have had some stressful things going on in my life. I have perused the book and just started reading. The introduction was heartfelt, and interesting. I noticed that there are recipes, suggestions, and many great healthful ideas for prolonging my life. I am very excited, and grateful to have been able to purchase this book on Radical Longevity, because I can very much use the information and education about health. Only Ann Louise Gittleman, would have taken the time to write this timely book, when so many people as they age, can really benefit and have better health in their older years. It is because she cares about people, and has so much wonderful information to share with others. I want to say, "Thank you so much for all you do to educate us all on nutrition, cutting edge medical information, and just the best common sense ever!! Sincerely, Diane Langejans