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heart of aging

The Heart of Aging

Keep your heart healthy and strong without missing a beat, using these easy-to-follow steps. You and I need to have a heart-to-heart talk. Heart disease is still the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, responsible for nearly 1 out of every 3 deaths – despite the war against cholesterol. 

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AGEs Advanced Glycation End products

The Molecules that AGE You

HOW you cook is just as important as WHAT you cook – if you want to turn back the clock on aging. It doesn’t matter how many miles you run, how much muscle you build, or how much you starve yourself – if your cooking methods are adding to your toxic load, your skin will sag, your tissues will clump together, and your cells will age prematurely.

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ageless aging

Ageless Aging

We are living much longer than our parents and grandparents did, but are we aging well? As I close in on my 70th birthday, I want to share what I’ve learned about staying strong and vital - even as my years advance.

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detox baths

Bathe Away Toxins

Hot baths are an excellent way to reduce stress, soothe muscles, care for skin, increase feelings of wellbeing, and encourage detox. Soaking in a hot bath isn’t just for taking off the winter chill anymore. The therapeutic benefits of bathing...

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health hazards of TMJ

The Hidden Health Hazards of TMJ Disorder

When your jaw isn’t properly aligned, it sets off a cascade of health effects… including allergies, asthma, childhood ear infections, scoliosis, sleep disorders, impaired coordination, and even gallbladder dysfunction – and your jaw doesn’t even have to hurt to cause...

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