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Yoga: Sun Salutation IV

This is the culmination of our four-part yoga series on the Sun Salutation vinyasa.

If you have practiced with me up to this point, you actually know all the poses that you need to complete a simple Sun Salutation. Today I will discuss finishing the vinyasa, and give you some ideas to meditate on when you are done.

Last Wednesday, we ended in Runner’s Lunge. To finish up, stretch both of your legs out behind you and support yourself on strong, sturdy arms in the Plank position. Now, lift your hips skyward and stretch through your shoulders and back for Downward Facing Dog. You may rest here for a few breaths. To come into Standing Forward Bend, carefully step or hop your feet towards your hands. When you are stable, straighten your legs and allow your arms to hang towards the ground. Then, gently roll up, straightening your spine vertebra by vertebra, until you are standing in Mountain Pose. Reach high above you and inhale deeply. As you breathe out, draw your hands together at your heart and take note of how your body feels, from your toes to the crown of your head. You have completed the Sun Salutation!

Meditative Mind

Take a moment to clear your mind. Imagine that you are breathing in the essence of love, compassion, and healing. Feel this energy disperse throughout your body- into your fingertips, your tired muscles, and the space within your mind where your thoughts begin. Many people find it helpful to repeat a mantra in order to focus themselves. “Ome” is a simple example, but it could be more specific if you like. You can come back to this feeling any time throughout your day, and in fact, there are many health benefits associated with doing so. Meditation can fortify your immune system and lower blood pressure, and may also increase serotonin levels.

I urge you to practice the Sun Salutation and meditate often. Listen to your body and adapt the vinyasa to your skill level and comfort. Thank you for taking the time to learn with me!


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