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Why Immunity Is Everything: The #1 Lesson I Learned from Radical Longevity

Why Immunity Is Everything: The #1 Lesson I Learned from Radical Longevity

A strong immune system is no doubt the number one key to living a long and vital life. This built-in protector defends us from potentially harmful invaders like virus, bacteria, mold, fungus, parasites, heavy metals and chemicals. But, as we age, the cumulative toxic overload can weaken our immunity and make us increasingly vulnerable to a host of diseases and autoimmune conditions.

When I began writing the Acknowledgements Section for my new book, Radical Longevity, I was struck by how very many of my mentors, associates and colleagues in the nutrition field had died – and way too young. What were the missing links in their health practices that could have extended their life span? Of course, we’ll never know for sure, but my research cast a huge spotlight on areas of potential disease triggers that are often hiding in plain sight.

An Immunity Detractor You Shouldn’t Overlook

As fate would have it, I stumbled upon a book that discussed a remarkable discovery made by clinical researchers from Rockefeller University. It provided a huge clue regarding the types of food and cooking practices that could potentially ensure long life and boost immunity. The discovery focused on advanced glycation end products, or AGEs, naturally occurring toxic substances that are innately found in certain foods and produced by common food cooking practices that use high and dry heat. These compounds are majorly responsible for inflammation in immune cells.

  • Inflammation in the vascular system.
  • Reduced activity of nitric oxide which results in higher blood pressure and greater risk of blood clots.
  • Leaky capillaries which contribute to eye and brain problems, metastasis of cancers and more.
  • Blood clots and blocked blood vessels, leading to heart attack and stroke.
  • Acceleration of calcification of the arteries, along with reduced elasticity.
  • Oxidation of LDL cholesterol, increasing the risk of blood being trapped in artery walls.
  • Oxidation of HDL cholesterol, making it less beneficial.

In Radical Longevity, you’ll find state of the art information on how to stop AGEs in their tracks. I’ve included cooking solutions, targeted nutritional advice and detox strategies. For example, on page 144, you’ll find my recipe for delicious Smoky Black Bean Burgers. You’re absolutely going to love my mouth-watering Braised Coconut Milk Chicken recipe on page 145. And you won’t believe that something as delicious as the Mocha Chocolate Surprise Cake on page 157 could be so healthy!

You can preorder your copy of Radical Longevity HERE and immediately receive 3 FREE guides and a special coupon as my gifts to you.

An Extra Immune Boost

For added insurance, in light of the current pandemic, I would also recommend Uni Key Health’s stellar new product, Immune Formula. I helped develop this product to maximize your immunity in several unique and powerful ways. It includes all of my immune-supporting nutritional strategies in one capsule – vitamins D, C, A, Zinc and Quercetin, as well as taurine, astragalus, raw thymus and spleen glandulars. I take it every day, just in case. You should too!

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Prema - March 31, 2021

It’s not clear from the article whether high and dry heat is problematic or not. Please clarify. Thank you.

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