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The Keto Curse - Ann Louise Gittleman

The Keto Curse

Why this popular high-fat diet simply doesn’t work for everyone

As the First Lady of Nutrition, I have more than 4 decades of experience with diets and weight loss, and the associated trends that come and go. One thing I’ve observed is that when we go to drastic extremes with diets, whether it’s extremely low fat or, in the case of keto, extremely high fat and low carb, it can put too much stress on the body and serious problems arise. Bottom line: When a diet like keto sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Originally developed in the 1920s as a medical treatment for children with seizures, the ketogenic diet has taken the weight loss world by storm for the past few years. With its goal of 75% fat, 20% protein and a mere 5% carbs, it’s a huge change from the standard American diet of more than 50% carbs.

This way of eating switches your body from burning sugar and carbs as fuel to using fats as its primary energy source, and this can be a total game changer for your health – when it’s done properly. But, with huge changes comes huge challenges for those whose genetics and fat metabolism just aren’t geared for it.

First of all, I need you to know: if keto failed you – you didn’t lose weight and you felt awful – it’s NOT your fault! One diet truly does not fit all, and keto may not be the right fit for you.

The high amount of fats required for your body to go into ketosis and extreme fat-burning are not right for everyone. Check out these articles to learn more about who shouldn’t do keto, why keto doesn't work for everyone, how to fix your fat metabolism and how to know when a diet is the right diet for you:


Quick Tip:

This week’s Quick Tip is a tasty way to BOOST the output of bile and BLAST BELLY FAT.

Most of us have a liver clogged with toxins and fatty deposits, which makes it difficult to metabolize stored fat efficiently. Add in a high-fat diet like keto and you really have a problem.

Fortunately, artichokes (especially the hearts) can help. They’re loaded with liver-protecting flavonoids that enhance the output of bile. This aids in the digestion and breakdown of fats. I love tossing artichoke hearts into chicken soup, salads or one dish meals and always put it on pizza! I recommend enjoying 1/2 cup of artichoke hearts daily.


Why I’m Not Crazy About Keto

In this short video, get a quick rundown on why I’m not a huge fan of keto and the main reason so many people have issues. To make sure you’re able to digest and metabolize all that fat, you’ll need additional support from Bile Builder.


Metabolic Keto - First Lady of Nutrition Podcast

Metabolic Keto – Episode 93

It’s no mystery that I’m not a fan of a hardcore keto diet for women. I do whole-heartedly support a higher fat diet in general, which is an approach shared by my podcast guest, Rachel Gregory, author of the best-selling book, “21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge.”

Listen to Metabolic Keto – Episode 93 with nutritionist Rachel Gregory to learn all the pros and cons of keto for women and much, much more.


 Bile Builder

Fix Your Fat Metabolism and Make It Work for You

Underlying most problems with the keto diet is trouble with your fat metabolism. Your body wants to burn fat as its primary fuel, but if your bile is congested, you have too little bile, you’re missing your gallbladder, you have fatty liver disease, or you have other digestive issues, then you can’t digest all the fats the keto diet requires you to eat, and you’ll feel worse instead of better.

The first step to fixing your fat metabolism is building better bile, which starts with UNI KEY Health’s Bile Builder. Free-flowing bile is essential for eliminating toxins and digesting fats properly.


Radical Metabolism

“Keto didn’t work, but this did! After a month on the plan, I lost 15 pounds and 4.5 inches off my waist!”

– Jodie


Fat Flush Soup Keto Style

My Famous Fat Flush Soup Keto Style

I’ve made my position on keto clear, so you may be wondering why I would “keto-mize” my famous Fat Flush Soup? Despite my concerns for long-term use, I do believe Keto may have its place for short term sensational results. Healthy and essential fats DO fuel your brain, burn your belly fat and jumpstart healthy hormone levels, appetite, and blood sugar, while protecting you from stress. What’s not to love about all of that?

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