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The Importance of Lovin’ Your Liver

The Importance of Lovin’ Your Liver

Why this powerhouse organ needs all the support it can get.


We take special care with our skin, our heart, our brain— but what about the organ that plays a part in over 400 of your body’s functions? The liver is an unsung hero of the body and certainly deserves a little lovin’! Continue reading to learn how to keep your liver healthy.

What Makes It an All-Star Organ?

First the liver helps your body digest. It produces bile, a digestive fluid that emulsifies and absorbs fats in the small intestine. Besides metabolizing fats, the liver is responsible for processing carbohydrates and proteins. It converts glucose into glycogen, which it stores for use later. When your blood sugar drops, the liver converts the stored sugar back into glucose and releases it into your bloodstream.

Another important job for the liver is as your body’s natural detoxifier. A toxin is a substance harmful for the body— coming from either outside sources such as pesticides, or by-products from the body’s natural processes. Your liver neutralizes these threats, transforms them into usable materials, or eliminates them from the body all-together.

Too many toxins, and not enough love, creates a tired liver leading to health concerns such as weight gain, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, headaches, and digestive problems— just to name a few!

The Best Ways to Love Your Liver

Two basic rules: cut down on the junk and amp up the good stuff. To be more specific…

Eat as much organic and naturally derived foods as possible. Foods contaminated with pesticides, growth hormones, and chemical additives are mega stressors for your liver because it’s sorting out and expelling junk.

Limit processed foods, as much as you can. Highly processed foods are more likely to contain artificial ingredients—often numerous ingredients— that our bodies are not meant to metabolize. These chemicals clog up the liver and impede its processing.

Increase your liver lovin’ foods! Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, kale,  and Brussels sprouts, along with sulfer-rich foods like onions, are known to help keep your liver healthy. Foods that are high in fiber are also good for liver health because they help move toxins through your digestive tract, reducing stress on your liver.

Try to limit medications (including over the counter drugs). As with food, your liver processes the medications you take. When taken in improper dosage, over a long period of time, or in conjunction with other substances like alcohol, medications—which are already a challenge for the liver— become an overloading factor, sometimes even producing waste products that accumulate in the liver.

Reduce your caffeine intake. Despite recent announcements that coffee contains antioxidants, don’t go overboard. Coffee is the most toxic substance for your liver to metabolize. (But besides that, it is a powerful diuretic that leeches calcium from your bones and expels it from the body through elimination.) One cup is no problem, but three or four is overkill.

Give your liver some backup. Supplements that protect and promote liver health can make a big difference for this multi-tasker.  Liver-Lovin Formula contains a unique and powerful trio: artichoke which is loaded with antioxidants and can boost bile production, chlorophyll that is rich in magnesium to help enhance elimination of toxins, and taurine which is an amino acid that also helps boost bile production for efficient fat digestion and absorption.


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