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The 9 Best Foods for a Healthy Heart

It seems like a new “superfood” is declared every day. But there are foods with their certain specialties, when it comes to keeping you healthy, that can’t be beat! Here are the 9 best foods for your heart:foods for a healthy heart

Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and can effectively reduce blood pressure, as well as prevent clotting. The fishy flesh also contains astazanthin, a carotenoid which is a powerful antioxidant.

Olive oil is packed with monounsaturated fats that lower LDL cholesterol.

Nuts— specifically walnuts, almonds and macadamia nuts– are super for good heart health! Full of omega-3 fatty acids and mono- and polyunsaturated fat. They also contribute fiber to the diet.

Oatmeal is a fiber-rich food that can help lower levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and helps keep arteries clear. It’s also full of omega-3 fatty acids, folate and potassium.

foods for a healthy heartBerries like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries or raspberries are packed with anti-inflammatories which can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Spinach is a great iron source, but it is also packed with lutein, folate, potassium, and fiber. (All major players in heart health!)

Avocados have monounsaturated fat that lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol in your body. They also allow for the absorption of carotenoids, which are essential for good heartfoods for a healthy heart health.

Flaxseeds are full of fiber and omega-3, as well as omega-6 fatty acids. Flaxseeds (and flaxseed oil) contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which is good for your heart by keeping inflammation and cholesterol levels down.

Legumes like lentils, chickpeas and black beans contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, soluble fiber as well as calcium.

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