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Ten Secrets For An Abundant Life

Ten Secrets For An Abundant Life

This year, unlike many others, many people are feeling deep stress and strain – even more so during the holidays. But through it all, there are ways to find joy and peace in this holiday season.

Missing Those You Love

For some, the holiday season beams a spotlight on all the difficult changes in life. There are times during the holidays when precious memories of time spent with loved ones are overwhelming, and you feel like you would give anything to be in the presence with those who have passed and with loved ones you can’t be with this year. With family and friends scattered across the country, it is especially challenging to travel at this time, making it difficult for us all to get together and it makes us feel lonelier and sadder.

It can be so easy to slip into hibernation at this point, with snowy days and dropping temps, distant family and friends, and the overwhelming sense of the season. Taking time for yourself during such a busy season is so important, but loneliness can set in when taking time for yourself turns into isolating yourself. If you are missing a significant other or longing for company who you can’t be with, find new ways to occupy your time so you aren’t dwelling on your feelings of being alone.

Create New Traditions

I learned the hard way that trying to recreate memories of past holidays most of the time leads to only sadness. For me, I needed to go through a season of letting go of my sentimental expectations of holidays being spent with all my extended family. I needed to create new traditions that include honoring the cherished memories of loved ones we are separated from this year or ones we have lost.

As I decorate for the holidays, photos and mementos of my cherished loved ones take center stage, and when it’s time for the holiday meals, I make a few of the dishes that were family favorites to feel connected with everyone once again.

Stay Healthy

I enjoy a holiday cocktail now and again during special gatherings, and I always take UNI KEY’s Y-C Cleanse to make sure it doesn’t lead to fatigue and candida yeast overgrowth. Stress and sugar both deplete magnesium, so I turn to UNI KEY’s Mag-Key to keep my levels optimal. If I know I’m overdoing it, I also take Adrenal Formula to keep stress from getting the better of me. As well, I take Female Multiple to make sure I’m not missing any key nutrients. Finally, Immune Formula has recently been added to my arsenal as a key support to keeping my immunity strong. I know if I let my defenses down this time of year, it makes me more susceptible to illness, which I simply don’t have time for!

Messages of Health and Healing

This year, I want to share with you these very timely “Ten Secrets to Abundant Living”, a gift I have cherished over the years – one that I received  from a fan several years ago. These messages of health and healing are not only easy to integrate into your daily life but also provide uplifting nourishment for the soul, particularly at this time. I hope it will help you on a daily basis to heal and realign your body, mind, and spirit.

Here are the Ten Secrets:

  1. Always make decisions from love and trust; never use fear as your guide.
  2. Be grateful for all things.
  3. Take charge of your mind. Use your brain to change. Train your mind to dwell on your goals, dreams and what is positive in your life. When negative thinking pops in, shut it down immediately. Create a ‘still frame picture” of the negative thought or emotion and explode it. Then replace it with a positive, or rerun it, as you wish it had happened.
  4. Suspend judgement of others, yourself and your circumstances. When you judge, you are invalidating the universal plan.
  5. Take time to reflect and meditate daily.
  6. Study and read inspirational works.
  7. Have fun with your dreams. Put positive emotions behind your desires. Create a “Treasure Map” that contains pictures of what you want to accomplish. Make it colorful and fun. Display it where you can view it frequently.
  8. Donate your money and time to morally uplifting causes.
  9. Exercise and eat healthfully. It will ward off depression and give you more energy.
  10. Trust the universe. Go through tomorrow with the focus that everything is in perfect harmony and alignment with the universal plan for your happiness. Totally commit to 24 hours of complete trust. If you find yourself judging or criticizing, just review the incident through this lens of trust. See what a difference it makes.

It is true that the season for “good will towards men” is upon us. But these Ten Secrets also remind us to remember to direct that “good will” towards ourselves as well, not only for the holidays, but on a daily basis.

With my best wishes for health, joy, and peace of mind …
Ann Louise

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Barb - January 12, 2021

I keep re-reading your post. It is really helpful to focus on these ideas. Thank you.

Tami - December 23, 2020

Certainly is a different celebration this year! I feel more stress than ever. I’m going to try that Adrenal Formula.

Angela - December 23, 2020

I printed these suggestions and put them on my frig to help me have a positive focus throughout the day. Thank you.

Amy - December 23, 2020

I love these positive ideas. I’m thankful for you, Ann Louise, and for all that you share with us throughout the year.

But as for trusting “the universe,” well, for me, I would much rather trust Jesus!

Stephanie - December 16, 2020

As a long time customer I have used the Adrenal Formula to help with stress and it gives me more energy. I haven’t tried the Immune Formula yet, but I will. It looks really helpful

Jenny - December 16, 2020

Love these suggestions! Thank you.

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