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Is Massage the Perfect Prescription for Mental Health?

Balance your brain with this holistic health strategy. Who doesn’t like a good massage?  We all see it as a treat, a relaxing way to pamper ourselves.  But more than just a luxury, regular massage (sometimes called bodywork) can actually be...

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4 of Nature’s Best Remedies for Natural Pain Relief

Stop your pain with these natural solutions. We’ve all been there—suffering from cramps, back pain, arthritis or muscle injuries. Given our busy schedules we’re willing to do almost anything to relieve the pain and get on with the day. Unfortunately, this usually...

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Supplement Guide for a Healthier Holiday

Keep your systems in tip-top condition so you can enjoy the fun and festivities. Use this handy guide to create your own holiday survival kit and you will be equipped with solutions for a variety of health needs. Energy Shopping,...

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Healthy and Happy in My 60’s

Have more energy at any age Recently, I was packing to move with the help of a good friend. She is just a year older than I am but was wondering why I have so much more energy at the...

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Q & A with the UNI KEY Team: January 2013

Happy New Year! This January marks our 21st year in business. After conquering my own personal battle with Stage IV cancer, I started UNI KEY based on my life’s passion for helping others take control of their health. After all...

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UNI KEY Products for Pets

I have been blessed with animals most of my life. Right now I have a small Pom (Frisco), a large Black Lab (Moose), and a huge Maine Coon Cat named Cruiser. Saving Frisco Back in February Frisco seemed to be...

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