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10 Ways to Help Avoid Breast Cancer

With special women in all of our lives, the month of October is a time to spread education and awareness, and empower all women about health and wellness— for Breast Cancer and beyond. Here at UNI KEY, women’s health is important to...

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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Headaches

Headaches can be debilitating. Instead of popping a pill, try these natural methods of relief: 1. Apply peppermint oil along your hairline. It creates a cooling sensation that relaxes the muscles in your head and neck. You can find this...

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10 Small Changes for a Healthier You

Little bits add up to big changes! Start with these small alternatives to your normal routine to make a difference in your own health! The post 10 Small Changes for a Healthier You appeared first on Your Health Keys.

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10 Tips to Banish Belly Bloat

Whether your goal is to makeover that skinny jean muffin-top or prepare for beaches and bathing suits, the belly is the most stubborn spot for most people to lose. Deflate that spare tire with these simple, get-summer-ready tips! 1. Breakup with...

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Top 10 Farmers Market Tips

Fresh, natural produce is an absolute staple of a healthy diet, and a healthy life. Luckily, it’s catching on! And where better to get fresh produce than directly from the source? Take a look at our Top 10 Tips for...

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