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Yoga: Sun Salutation IV

This is the culmination of our four-part yoga series on the Sun Salutation vinyasa. If you have practiced with me up to this point, you actually know all the poses that you need to complete a simple Sun Salutation. Today...

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Yoga: Sun Salutation III

Welcome to the third installment of our Sun Salutation vinyasa! I hope that you have been able to practice the asanas from week one and week two, but if you’re just joining us now, it’s not too late to catch...

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Yoga: Sun Salutation II

Thank you for joining us for another Workout Wednesday! Whether you have practiced last week’s poses or you’re just starting out today, I encourage you to take a few moments to breathe deeply and focus yourself. We are working on...

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Yoga: Sun Salutation I

Eating right is a key component of a healthy lifestyle, but let’s not forget that physical activity also plays a major role. This is why we’ve decided to start Workout Wednesday! Our goal is to share with you some of...

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