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Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 5

It’s Friday! (And thank goodness.) We’re all headed home for the weekend, released on our own recognizance, if you will. Promising to return on Monday without having taken part in any Shakedown-illegal activities. Challenges Ahead Weekends bring all kinds of...

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Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 4

Let’s talk rituals. No, I don’t mean weird “moss from the south side of a fallen tree, mixed with hair from a porcupine’s chin, in a bucket” kind of ritual. I’m talking the daily rituals we all have. For instance,...

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Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 3

Day 1? Check! Day 2? Showed it who’s boss… Day 3? Nailed it. Either I’ve had alot going on today, so I stayed really occupied, or I’m getting over the “start-up” hump! (We’ll say I’m over the hump, just for...

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Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 2

Day 2 can sometimes be a challenge because it’s been a full 24 hours and your body has started to realize what’s going on. “What? You’re for real- no coffee??” A few of us admitted to battling a headache last...

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Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 1

Every new year is a clean slate, a fresh start. Whatever happened last year, or the year before, this is a new chance for better things! (Isn’t that a good feeling??) Everybody’s Doing It To really make 2013 a fresh...

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3 Fruit Smoothies You Need In Your Life

Starting your day with a smoothie is never boring! Every morning we have our smoothies, rain or shine. Of course we started the routine because of the laundry list of health benefits— a well-rounded breakfast has been proven to amp...

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