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15 of the Most Nutritious Foods on the Planet

 With ‘superfood’ now a common buzzword, here are a few foods truly at the top when it comes to healthy Spinach These leafy greens are packed with iron, calcium and vitamin A (for healthy eyes and skin). Spinach is also high...

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How Does the Liver Impact Weight Loss?

It’s the ultimate master of multitasking… Between carbs and calories, love handles and hips, there are lots of words that you think of when it comes to your weight—but there’s something else you may not have considered, and that’s your liver. Your...

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Statin Drug Danger

We’re told we need it to reduce cholesterol, but should be really take it? According to recent news, doctors will now be prescribing statin drugs to a greater percentage of the population after recent changes to guidelines set forth by...

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