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The Importance of Lovin’ Your Liver

Why this powerhouse organ needs all the support it can get. We take special care with our skin, our heart, our brain— but what about the organ that plays a part in over 400 of your body’s functions? The liver is...

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10 Ways to Ease Insomnia

Can’t sleep? You aren’t alone. Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder in North America and Europe. One-third of the U.S. population cannot sleep well enough to function efficiently during the day. Some of those suffering from insomnia only have...

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Sugar Substitutes– Are They All Alike?

Monk Fruit or Stevia— and their derivatives— are promoted as natural alternatives to sugar because they’re healthier. But is one just as healthy as the next? It’s true that sugar encourages inflammation in the body and can cause everything from...

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9 Supplement Myths: Busted!

It’s time to separate fact from fiction Here are some truths behind the supplement world’s biggest myths. Myth #1: The more the merrier Busted: Your body metabolizes different vitamins in different ways, so more is not always better. First, you...

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