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Meat Country-of-Origin Labels: The Impact of this Law

Where’s the beef? Or, rather, where has it been? This federal policy requires labels on unprocessed beef, chicken, pork, lamb or goat to state where the animal was born, raised and slaughtered. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the U.S. Cattleman’s Association,...

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The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Natural, effective, and freshly aromatic—nothing can compete with the benefits of lavender oil. I first came across it when looking for something that was a natural, adequate disinfectant for my son’s toys and room. Lavender oil covers those bases, plus...

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DIY: Chemical-Free Household Cleansers

Inexpensive and effective ways to clean your home without toxic chemicals. When we buy cleaning products, we usually look for two things: inexpensive and effective. But there are some very toxic ingredients in most of the cleaners today that can...

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How To: Pallet Gardening for Small Spaces

You can get free pallets at many places for this project! Look for ones in good condition, without cracks or rotten wood. This technique is ideal for renters without yards as these can be placed on any driveway, sidewalk, or...

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