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My Top 5 Favorite Books for Your Holiday Gift List

Have a bookworm on your list that is interested in natural health? Give them one of my favorites! Some of the most memorable gifts I’ve ever received have been books. There’s nothing like curling up with a good holistic health book and learning new ways to feel your best. Today, I’m sharing with you 5 of my all-time favorites to help inspire your healthy holiday gift giving!

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PTSD: 5 Ways to Release Trauma That Haunts You

If you’ve ever had an experience you just couldn’t shake, whose memory still haunts you and even changes the way you think or feel, you could be one of the more than 3 million people diagnosed each year in the US with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD for short. At least half of us will experience a significant traumatic event in our lifetime.

For most of us, the experience will fade over time into an unpleasant memory. But, for about 10 percent of women and 7 percent of men, there will be triggers that bring those memories back to life to be relived with intense emotional and physical reactions over and over again over a period of months or years. This is PTSD.

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Busting Through the Winter Blues

The leaves, the snow, the temperature— everything is falling. Does your mood follow suit? As daylight softens, and shortens, it’s common to suffer from a mild case of depression known as the “winter blues.” Symptoms like change in appetite or sleep...

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The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Natural, effective, and freshly aromatic—nothing can compete with the benefits of lavender oil. I first came across it when looking for something that was a natural, adequate disinfectant for my son’s toys and room. Lavender oil covers those bases, plus...

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Surviving the Electronic Evolution

Modern technology at work makes accomplishing tasks easier than ever, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be? We have automatic calendars and task managers, instant contact with our clients and customers and access to unlimited knowledge faster...

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On-the-Spot Stress Relievers

Stress is often called “a silent killer” because of the physical toll it can take on your body. It can lead to health concerns such as heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain and an irregular heartbeat. Most of us...

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