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Can Yacon Syrup Really Help You Lose Weight?

A surprising nutritional tool for weight loss, yacon syrup has the spotlight. But we say: new sweetener, old news. What is it? Yacon is a South American root vegetable that has a slightly sweet flavor and crispy texture, often drawing a...

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30 Slimming Summer Smoothie Recipes

Summer is here! Get slim and stay cool with 30 of our favorite fruit smoothie recipes. We used our favorite, the Fat Flush Body Protein for 20 grams of non-GMO protein with no soy, sugar, gluten, or artificial ingredients. However if...

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How Does the Liver Impact Weight Loss?

It’s the ultimate master of multitasking… Between carbs and calories, love handles and hips, there are lots of words that you think of when it comes to your weight—but there’s something else you may not have considered, and that’s your liver. Your...

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Chocolate Recipes to Die(t) For!

Love chocolate without the guilt! Just when the chocolate Santas are good and gone,  the aisle of chocolate Cupids tend to appear. But never fear— there are ways to enjoy the decadence of chocolate without all the sugar. Save Print...

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