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  • Fat Flush Soup
    September 17, 2019 Ann Louise Gittleman

    My Famous Fat Flush Soup Recipe Gets A Facelift

    My Fat Flush Soup recipe is a timeless quick weight loss classic and I'm giving it an upgrade – just in time for fall soup season!

    It’s fall, y’all! And that means it’s time to get a pot of fat flushing soup simmering on the stove. This recipe still goes viral, even though it’s now almost a decade old, and determined dieters still consistently lose up to 10 pounds in a week with this tasty tummy filler. But, good things can always get better and thanks to everything I’ve learned through my bestselling Fat Flush plans and my new Radical Metabolism plan, I’m giving this recipe an anti-inflammatory soup-er slim stimulating facelift!

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