Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 8 (Plus Weekend Update)

Shakedown blogs2It’s already Day 8! (And Monday again, for those of you following along at home.) Nobody came in today with intense guilt on their face and when we went around the table at the morning meeting, it sounds like everybody did really well! A few of us admitted to cheating a bit— I may or may not have had a warm roll with my soup on Saturday (*cringe. I know.)— but all in all, we did pretty good! **Gold Star to Chris! Looks like he’s the best at fighting the Temptation Monster.** More about everybody’s weekend experiences in a sec…

We’re Gonna Mix It Up

Fast forward back to today. For week 2, things are going to be a bit different. Chris and Emily are sticking to the official Smoothie Shakedown practices, while Carol and I are moving into the modified Smoothie Shakedown procedures. The only difference: the modified plan is having 1 smoothie, 2 Shakedown-friendly meals (instead of 2 smoothies, 1 meal). The approved foods are the same, we’re still going cran-water crazy, and still keeping up with the supplements.

In Our Own Words…

Carol: “Weekends can definitely be a challenge for me, especially because I usually have a jam-packed schedule. I have always, generally, let myself be a little more “loose” on the weekends and tightened up the reins during the week, but this weekend I was determined not to completely rebound from the successful week I’d had! I did pretty darn good on Saturday even while out shopping and meeting friends for dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. However, when Sunday rolled around, I had a few indiscretions…namely brunch. We met some friends at my favorite place— my favorite dish? Huevos Rancheros. Not familiar? It’s probably best, for now. Let’s just say it’s eggs with stuff scrambled in them. I got back on track the rest of the day though! Today, I’m back in the saddle and because of a crazy schedule this week— and the desire to dust off my exercise routine— I’m excited to move on to the modified Shakedown. It’s a great option when you want to switch things up.”

Chris: “I was worried about the weekend because, as Lianne mentioned in our Day 5 update, you are faced with different people and situations than during the week. That being said, I think I did really well even in the face of a few challenges. The two biggest ones came at the grocery store and going out to eat with my family. First, going out to eat…Let’s just say we had a less than stellar visit to a local restaurant. After work and my daughter’s swimming lessons, we decided to grab something to eat. Because it was getting late and it took nearly an hour for even our salads to arrive— I was HUNGRY. I remember thinking that next Friday I need to bring some veggies to snack on! Luckily my (slightly modified) grilled chicken salad came and all was well. It was really hard to turn down the free dessert the manager offered in exchange for our wait, but I was able to overcome the temptation. The next hurdle? Saturday— which they should change to ‘Sampleday’— at the grocery store! The worst thing was that the bakery is set up right next to the fresh produce! While I was stocking up on the good stuff, the aroma of tasty treats danced through the air. Baked goods are one of my main weaknesses when it comes to eating healthy, so I was definitely battling some cravings. I tried to focus my mind on the task at hand, and thought about the success I’ve had so far. That worked for me, but I could see if someone hasn’t been seeing success, frustration could easily set in and temptation could overcome them.”

Emily: “This weekend I tried my best to stick to a pretty strict and healthy diet filled with lean protein and vegetables. I did pretty good most of the weekend. On Sunday I did slip up a little, but I managed to at least get some leisurely rock climbing in that day to keep active. Getting back on the strict Shakedown routine this morning was not as tough as I thought it would be. I’m starting to enjoy black coffee, something I’ve never experienced…in my life! I think 2 weeks is a perfect amount of time for this detox diet. I feel as though it will definitely help me make better eating decisions after it is over.”

Kelley: “This weekend was hard for me. Going out to eat, getting in some ‘bonding’ time with my new roomie, was lots of fun…but also distracted me from the rules! (I won’t go into any details, but there was some cheese on some stuff.) This week I’m really ready to get back on the ball! The drive to succeed after you stumble is a pretty powerful thing…and I’m using it!”

And as for me…I had a pretty successful weekend! (Minus the ‘Roll-ergate’ incident.) I drank my 1 cup of morning coffee black with a pinch of Stevia and a sprinkle of cinnamon. A big deal for a gal who loves cream in her coffee! (I think I even sent a text to some of the crew. I knew they’d be proud of me!) After a full week of strict Shakedown detoxing, following every rule to the letter, my liver feels super cleansed. We’re bangin’ on all cylinders now, baby! To be honest, the thing I’ve missed the most with the Shakedown has been…my daily run. (Intense exercise isn’t recommended on the Shakedown because you’re not taking in enough calories to support that kind of energy output.) For me, the running is meditative, a temporary escape. And I miss my happy place! That not-cute sweaty, blissfully exhausted happy place. So, like Carol, I’m moving into the modified plan. Like I said earlier, the rules are the same— just a vice-versa situation with smoothies n meals (1 smoothie, 2 meals). Don’t worry, we’re still with ya’!


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