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Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 4

Shakedown blogs2Let’s talk rituals. No, I don’t mean weird “moss from the south side of a fallen tree, mixed with hair from a porcupine’s chin, in a bucket” kind of ritual. I’m talking the daily rituals we all have. For instance, when I get home after work, the very first thing I do is take my shoes off. Not because they’re uncomfortable— although, any woman will admit that comfort is sometimes sacrificed for fashion. It must be done every now and then, what can I say? Anyway, a ritual around the office, we’ve realized because of the Shakedown, is lunch. Most days, we vote on what to eat, pile into someone’s car, and go enjoy an hour of timeout (the good timeout, not the trouble timeout). It’s a daily ritual. It’s normal and familiar.

Concentrate on Feeling Good

Sometimes I think that can be one of the toughest parts about doing the Shakedown. Not the hunger, that can be fixed with a cucumber. Easy— done. (Or whatever your veggie of choice is.) It’s departing from your normal thing,  your routine, your rituals. Going out on a limb can be scary because you’re not sure what’s gonna happen once you’re out there. “Something could go wrong. The wind might blow and I’ll fall off the limb!” (Yeah, I’m sticking with the limb metaphor.) Yes, there are surprises and challenges that will come up. The wind will blow, but instead of being scared you’ll fall, close your eyes and feel it blowing through your hair! That’s life— you’re living! And doesn’t it feel good??

Besides, letting go of old rituals will leave room for new ones to develop. Now instead of piling into someone’s car, sometimes we all pile into the conference room with our smoothies and play games! (Anyone heard of a board game called ImaginIff?? Look it up. It’s so much fun!) I’m not saying we won’t go back to our old routine after these 2 weeks, but changing it up has been nice!

Here’s the Word on Day 4

Carol: “I have to admit, Day 4 was a little rougher for me. I think it’s mostly because I haven’t been getting enough sleep this week. I’m definitely learning my lesson about the importance of sleep, especially during detox! I haven’t really felt too hungry (anytime I get a hunger pang, I reach for a veggie snack and some cran-water for a boost), but just a little bit run-down. I am sure that the lack of caffeine from my daily tea habit is playing a role too. Regardless, I still feel confident that I can stay on track and I’m planning to make Shakedown Spaghetti tonight— whole grain pasta for my family and spaghetti squash “noodles” for me!”

Chris: “Today is going about the same as yesterday. I think the biggest difference is…I haven’t been craving anything sweet! I have also had to tighten my belt a notch. Always a good feeling! I still think the mid-afternoon is the hardest time for me though.”

Emily: “Last night as I was driving home, passing all the restaurants, I started to have major cravings. My main craving was sushi, especially with rice and soy sauce. But I kept driving, and eventually the craving passed. Also, I have discovered a way to trick my brain into drinking plain black coffee in the morning in place of my usual rich, creamy, warm coffee. I drink it the complete opposite way my brain is programmed: black and iced. That way you don’t feel like you’re missing out on your normal favorite, but replacing it with something completely different. If I’m lucky, I’m hoping I can stick with this way for good, as it helps cut back on fat and sugar.”

Kelley: “Yesterday afternoon I had a bit of nausea. Luckily, I was able to take a nap and it passed. Today I feel good, and find myself craving less sugar and snacks! Yay! It is becoming much easier and more routine, for sure!”

And as for me…I’m feeling good today! My most challenging hunger pangs are in the late afternoon, but an impromptu “quiet-dance-party-at-your-desk!” with Kelley helped break it up. (Some songs just won’t let you get away with sitting still.) I’ve definitely been eating dinner earlier than I usually do. Which isn’t a bad habit to start! Also of note: I had a stare-down with a bag of Fritos last night. They were in the pantry hiding behind a box of chicken stock, laying in wait! Don’t worry— closed that cabinet door right in their face! Take that, Fritos!!

I think we’ll do official weigh-ins tomorrow to check everyone’s progress! Chris has tightened a notch in his belt, Carol mentioned at the cran-water cooler that her pants are a tad loose…I’m excited to see how everyone is doing! Stay tuned!

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