Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 3

Shakedown blogs2Day 1? Check!
Day 2? Showed it who’s boss…
Day 3? Nailed it.

Either I’ve had alot going on today, so I stayed really occupied, or I’m getting over the “start-up” hump! (We’ll say I’m over the hump, just for the sake of preserving optimism.) Also, by Day 3 we’ve kind of got a routine down so that helps things run more smoothly. When we come in first thing in the morning, everyone gets their Hot Lemon Water. I like to put alittle cinnamon in mine, and a bit of fresh ginger as well. (I put a chunk of ginger in a garlic press and squeeze the heck out of it, letting the juice go straight into the mug.) The smell of warm cinnamon and ginger? Comfort in a cup…plus super-detoxing-powers!

In the mornings, we also compare notes on who ate what for dinner last night. Emily wins today— she had grilled tuna steak with broccoli and salad dressed with apple cider vinegar. Definitely trumps the leftovers I had!

Snack Chat

A meeting and a half after our classic Strawberry breakfast smoothie, concentration starts to wane a tad. Boom— snack time! Having gone to the store last night to replenish the stash, we were all excited to have a little nosh. I repeated the veggie salad from yesterday—sliced tomatoes, red/yellow/orange/green peppers, and cucumbers drizzled with apple cider vinegar and flaxseed oil. Then for the afternoon snack, we had some mushrooms, celery, carrots— I dipped mine in the ACV dressing. Like Chris mentioned yesterday, the vinegar really helps satisfy any craving I might have for salt. For tomorrow, I think I’m gonna whip up some SS-friendly salsa! It’s yummy to use as a veggie dip.

Day 3 Notes From the Kids on the Block

Carol: “This isn’t my first time to do the Shakedown, so I know that day 2 is usually the toughest and after you get through ay 3, it’s smooth sailing! During these two “transitional” days I make sure to have plenty of veggies to snack on, both late morning around 11am and mid-afternoon from about 2-4pm. My favorites are the mini sweet bell peppers and cherry tomatoes! Also, I find the cran-water is awesome— not just for its “flushing” qualities, but also for its blood-sugar balancing ability.”

Chris: “This morning was a little tough for me, but after having my lemon water, cran-water, and morning smoothie I feel much better. When I am having a hard time with hunger, I really try to focus on drinking more cran-water…it seems to make me feel fuller. From doing the Shakedown before, I do know that I start to feel hungry and start to lose focus around 3-4pm. This time around has been easier because I have tried to plan for that time by having a snack right before. So far it has helped.”

Emily: “Today I am feeling back to my normal self. Surprisingly, I haven’t really felt the need to snack throughout the day like I did on the first two days. My favorite snacks so far are the sweet peppers and any vegetable with apple cider vinegar and flaxoil. Yum!”

Kelley: “I find it really helpful having ready-to-go bags of veggies in my fridge— that way if I need a snack I can grab it quick with no hassle! So far, my favorites are tomatoes and cucumbers. I’m excited for dinner tonight because I’m going to give the Lettuce Wraps a try!”

And as for me…Well, we’ve already established I’m a “snack time junkie”. I think a little crunch goes a long way for me, luckily. The peppers? The celery? The carrots? My Shakedown BFFs. (I have to remember to count my carrots though— only 5 baby or 1 medium is ‘legal’.)

A fellow Shaker commented on the Smoothie Shakedown Facebook page today that she puts zucchini in her smoothies to make for a creamier texture. I’m thinking we give that a gander on Day 4, what do you think?? I’ll let you know how it goes!

salad snack

 PS. Check out the veggie salad! >>

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