Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 2

Shakedown blogs2Day 2 can sometimes be a challenge because it’s been a full 24 hours and your body has started to realize what’s going on. “What? You’re for real- no coffee??” A few of us admitted to battling a headache last night (an unfortunate, very normal side effect at the beginning of a detox). Everybody came armed with veggies again, and snack time has become a welcome break in the day.

Variety is the Spice of Life

We gather around the veggie-spread, Chris telling stories about his daughter’s latest adventure—she’s 3, so there’s always something going on, Carol telling us random headlines and factoids— it’s Elvis’ birthday, incase you hadn’t heard.

We were wild and did 2 smoothies today with alittle extra somethin’-somethin’. For breakfast it was simple strawberry, but I dropped a piece of fresh ginger in! It was a hit! (I did 1 piece per serving) For lunch, it was Fireside Cinnamon-Cherry (cherries with a bit of cinnamon). We found that the cherry smoothie needs ice, to give it that really fluffy n frozen texture. I also mixed up a salad for everybody for an afternoon snack. I sliced up some raw veggies (tomatoes, red/yellow/orange/green peppers, cucumbers) and sprinkled them with alittle apple cider vinegar and flaxseed oil. It was quite yummy!

Word on the Street About Day 2

Carol: “I had a challenge to hurdle last night when a friend, who didn’t know I’m doing the Shakedown, brought me some homemade cookies…with frosting! I didn’t even eat a nibble! This morning, I felt less groggy and not as hungry as I usually do in the mornings. The afternoon slump did hit, but I made sure to have plenty of veggies and cranwater. Really, I’m shocked at how smooth it’s going this time around. I think doing it with a group is really helping.”

Chris: “Two thumbs up on the salad! I think that little bit of vinegar helped quiet my craving for something salty. It’s also nice to get in a variety, rather than just sliced veggies day after day. Overall, things are going good!”

Emily: “I’m feeling more energized today and my stomach is definitely less grumbly.”

Kelley: “Last night was alittle tough because I was craving sweets! But I kept myself busy and got through the night successfully! I woke up this morning feeling more energized than normal and excited to continue on to Day 2! I feel like I’ve gotten over the first day hump and my journey will get easier! Feelin’ lighter already!”

And as for me…Today was definitely easier than yesterday. I think the hardest part about the beginning couple of days is fighting the battle in my head. I look at the clock and it says 11:00am. Usually at this time, I’m white knucklin’ it to lunchtime! But with the breakfast smoothie, plus the veggie buffet, I’m not hungry. Even still, my mind  thinks it’s time to eat and I started feeling anxious and antsy. (Strange how our minds attach to an idea, isn’t it??) Like Kelley said, I kept myself (my mind) occupied and made it through without any trouble. Tomorrow it’ll probably be the same battle, but for today I did great! And I’ll fight tomorrow’s battle…well, tomorrow.

That’s the thing, Shakers. Take one day at a time! Tomorrow’s challenge will come, don’t you worry about that. Be happy in your successes today!

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