Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 12

Shakedown blogs2Happy Friday! We made it! Only 2 days left of the Shakedown for us! (How many left for you?) We’ve all done really well and have definitely noticed a difference in how our bodies are processing, feeling, and functioning.

The Overlooked Element?

I’m clicking back through our Shakedown blogs and I realize one important thing we haven’t talked about yet: sleep. Yup, good old fashioned shut-eye. While you’re asleep, your body does amazing things. Did you know that at Disneyland, every night after closing time, a crew of 600 gardeners, painters, and decorators go to work making sure the park stays in tip-top shape? That’s like the human body! Our bodies run on an internal, biological clock. Every cell in your body is tuned into this clock, using it to time metabolic processes— like your hormone levels, metabolic rates, and even your body temperature and immune functions. Sleep also gives your body a chance to not only recharge, but to get in a good sweep through and escort toxins out of your system.

So now that we got all the scientific stuff is out of the way…let’s get real. If you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, you’re tired the next day. When you’re tired, what happens? You’re grabbing carbs n sweets to give you an energy boost and before you know it, boom— your lack of sleep is showing on your tookus. I have a pretty strict “bedtime routine” that I do every night, otherwise I’ll be awake for hours. Just thinking about all kinds of different stuff. (“There’s a shirt in the hamper that really needs to go to the cleaners instead of my washer.” or “I really need to remember to buy Q-Tips.” You know, the important stuff.) Having a routine gives your body the signal that it’s time to start winding down. I turn off all the bright lights, make some hot tea, watch an episode or two of The Office, wash my face…then I’m down for the count! Give your body a chance to slow down and recoup. Make plenty of time for all those cleaners and painters and maintenance guys to get in there and do their thing!

Word on the street from Day 12?

Carol: “It’s a beautiful sunny day here AND it’s Friday, so let’s face it— that always makes things easier! After a long week, when I got into the office this morning I was craving chocolate. But by that I mean our Fat Flush Chocolate Whey Protein, which is my absolute favorite healthy “treat”. So even though it’s not officially part of the Smoothie Shakedown, I convinced everyone else that we should have a Choco-Cherry smoothie for breakfast. While it was delicious, a few hours later, the importance of Body Protein during the SS became all the more clear because I was STARVING! (That body protein is incredible when it comes to holding me over for hours.) Don’t worry, I snacked on a few approved veggies and was good to go until the lunch smoothie. I’m traveling this weekend so it will be a bit of an adventure, but I’ll be sure to take notes and report back on Monday of how I did.”

Chris: “It is nice being in the final leg of the Shakedown and having done so well up to this point. I know tonight will be difficult for me because I won’t be able to eat an official meal until later— my daughter has swimming lessons. I learned last week to make sure to have some snacks ready to go though, so I definitely packed some veggie baggies. I am not as worried about sticking with the program this weekend as I was last weekend. It went smoothly last weekend, so I feel confident I’ll be fine.”

Emily: “I am looking forward to a warm meal tonight! With this cold weather, the cold smoothie just isn’t the same as a nice warm bowl of chili or a nice cup of hot cocoa. Today I noticed I was a little more hungry than usual. I gobbled down both my breakfast and lunch smoothies in a flash— which probably didn’t help hold me over. I must say though it is nice having smoothies because I can grab it and go run errands or do things I normally don’t have time for because I’m busy picking up lunch.”

Kelley: “I’m excited for tonight! My mom is coming over for dinner and I’m introducing her to spaghetti squash with meat sauce! The veggies have become…just part of my day, even when I’m not at work. When I’m studying, I usually have a plate or baggie full of veggies ready to go. So, besides the purpose of the Shakedown, they keep me focused on my schoolwork and not on feeling hungry. Bonus!”

And as for me…I feel like today was the last day of summer camp. On Monday, we won’t have our special “snack time” breaks or smoothie luncheons. We will keep doing breakfast smoothies, as we did before the Shakedown, but it won’t be the same. (It won’t feel like an ‘activity’, it’ll just be breakfast.) I can’t wait to do our Final Progress Report on Monday to see how everybody did, overall.

See you Monday!

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