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Shakedown Challenge Journal: Day 1

Shakedown blogs2Every new year is a clean slate, a fresh start. Whatever happened last year, or the year before, this is a new chance for better things! (Isn’t that a good feeling??)

Everybody’s Doing It

To really make 2013 a fresh start, our Marketing Team here in Texas is doing the 2-Week Smoothie Shakedown! We all come at it from different backgrounds and lifestyles— a parent, a bride-to-be, students, workaholics, meat-lovers, men and women. It’ll be interesting to see how the detox affects each of us! I’ll be reporting everyone’s thoughts, challenges, and victories every day.

Cran-Water Cooler Talk on Day 1

Carol: “Day 1 is going great! Between the hot lemon water I had when I first got to the office and my breakfast smoothie, I haven’t even thought about being hungry. But, to be safe, I am making sure to snack on veggies. Even though I didn’t get the best sleep last night, I feel so refreshed and full of energy!”

Chris: “Since I have done the Shakedown before, I feel more confident this time around. The first time I didn’t know what to expect, but today has been really easy so far. Mostly just looking forward to the results I know are coming.”

Emily: “My energy is somewhat low considering I haven’t had my normal morning cup of coffee. Not being allowed to add sugar and cream to my coffee will be hard, but I may just forgo the coffee for the time being.”

Kelley: “I am excited to detox and get back on track with healthy habits after the holidays! Feeling energized and full from all these veggies!”

And as for me…I’ll admit, I’m the first one to insist it’s lunchtime, and am always ready for a snack within 2 hours of a meal. (So I get nervous when it’s Shakedown time.) But like Chris said, having done it before, I know what to expect. I started prepping for the Shakedown over the weekend— bought my veggies, washed them and put them in “snack-attack baggies”. Ready to go! It’s been a smooth Day 1 thanks to those little baggies, I’ll tell ya!

Having a group of people doing the diet with you is definitely helpful. Are you on the Shakedown for the new year? Join us!! Let us know about how it’s going for you!

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