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“Pea” Stands for Protein

pea protein

pea proteinMother Really Did Know Best!

Peas. They’re probably the most dreaded food on every child’s dinner plate. But, when it comes to protein, these legumes pack a powerful punch that not only fills you up, but can actually help reset metabolism.

Pea protein is derived from green or yellow field peas — the variety of peas often dried and sold as “split peas.” As a plant-based protein source, it provides an excellent alternative for vegans and those with concerns about soy, egg and dairy-based protein. As a result, pea protein is becoming more commonly used in protein powders and energy bars.

Blending pea protein with rice protein makes an ideal combination for weight loss. Together they make a complete protein source — peas are high in lysine, the amino acid typically deficient in rice, while rice provides the sulfur-bearing amino acids, cysteine and methionine, which are lacking in pea protein.

And, recent studies have shown that consuming plant protein allows people to lose more weight than those consuming meat. Here’s some of the compelling research:

  • Low-carb dieters lost 50% more weight when they got most of their protein from plants, compared to those who ate more meat (New England Journal of Medicine, 2009)
  • Women who ate mostly plant-based protein weighed an average 15% less than those who ate primarily meat (Nutrition Reviews, 2008)
  • People who ate more plant-based protein consumed 40% less calories (University of California-Davis)

Not Your Average Protein Powder

After uncovering this research back in 2009, we developed our Fat Flush Body Protein to provide our clients with the purest plant-based protein powder on the market. It contains a blend of GMO-free rice protein and yellow pea protein and provides 20 grams of protein per serving. Blended with water and fruit, it makes a perfect smoothie for a perfectly balanced breakfast, meal replacement or pre/post-workout boost.

Research with our customers and clients has confirmed that one scoop of Fat Flush Body Protein powder keeps dieters feeling sustained and energized for up to four hours! This satiety factor is what makes our Smoothie Shakedown plan so effective.

The Smoothie Shakedown incorporates two Fat Flush Body Protein smoothies a day with one nutritious meal for super-charged weight loss – it’s so successful that some dieters have lost as much as 20 lbs in two weeks!* You can learn more about the plan at


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