Meet Our Favorite Duo for Sinus Relief

An estimated 37 million Americans are affected by sinus issues every year. How do we find relief?

Many of us suffer from chronic sinus issues and after years of trying to get relief we’ve succumbed to desperate measures, like cayenne and oregano nasal sprays. While antibiotics serve their purpose, they change the bacterial balance in our bodies killing every bacteria— good or bad— and cause a lack of energy, constipation, mental fog, and even yeast infections. If you’re looking for a natural change, read on!


Immediate Relief

Start with the Y-C Cleanse to get rid of  any excess candida in your system. The Y-C Cleanse will balance your body’s yeast and counteract any ‘damage’ caused from a sugary diet or a few too many cocktails. After taking it you are likely to feel a difference and make fewer visits to the doctor.

You may also consider adding a probiotic to your daily routine like Flora-Key. Probiotics are the good bacteria that colonize and maintain balance in your gut. To specifically address the sinuses use a neti pot and mix saltwater, Flora-Key, baking soda, and a pinch of xylitol. Flushing your sinuses with the neti pot helps relieve sinus pain. Probiotics also provide other health benefits like improving digestion, and immune function, and keeping oral yeast under control. Many people develop oral yeast from steroid spray designed to help with asthma, but daily use of products like Y-C Cleanse and Flora-Key can bring instant relief as natural alternatives.

It truly is amazing how the functions of our bodies are connected. We hear from many individuals going down a challenging journey to find relief. This magic duo: Y-C Cleanse and Flora-Key might be just what you need.

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