How To: Pallet Gardening for Small Spaces

DIY pallet gardenYou can get free pallets at many places for this project! Look for ones in good condition, without cracks or rotten wood. This technique is ideal for renters without yards as these can be placed on any driveway, sidewalk, or balcony.

5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Use a thin backing, such as plywood, on the back and sides of pallet to hold in the dirt. This requires hammer, nails and a saw to cut the wood to size. (Or you can have the wood cut to size at a hardware/home improvement store.)

* You could also use canvas or other heavy fabric in place of the plywood. This requires heavy fabric, scissors, and a staple gun.

Step 2: Fill with good soil.

Step 3: Plant in between the rungs of the pallet, from the front side. You can plant from seed, but for ease you can also use store bought starter plants. When shopping for starter plants, be sure to look for organic or non GMO. (Not recommended for root vegetables.)

Step 4: Place the pallet flat on the ground, where it should remain while the roots take hold. (About two weeks—or longer if from seed.)

Step 5: After the roots have taken hold you can stand your pallet up.

If you want to add more of your own touch, paint your pallet fun colors before you plant, and label what you’re growing with fun designs. You can even do pallets with flowers for simple, beautiful decoration outside.

Have fun and enjoy your fresh garden! It’s good for mind and body.

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